Best Of

Since you’re probably reading this page to find out more about me, I’ve compiled a list of the best of the past few years of the blog. I mean, – have you seen the size of my archives? I am one wordy mama. Plus I’ve been at this for.. (checks archives) HOLY CRAP … far too long. That was 1998. Do you know how many really good posts there are in there? I mean, really?

Anyway. We have my first post, although I really don’t think it counts since it’s just a copy of a mass email I sent out to annoy my relatives with. There’s an awful good story in there though, the one were we had the biggest Christmas tree EVER. Seriously, that sucker was HUGE. What were we thinking???

I puttered sporadically on through the next year. This was back when there were no blogs, but journals. And we’d pour our hearts out to our Internet peeps.

Oh yeah, here’s where I got pregnant with Emma in 2000. And then? I totally dreamed her birth, except it was real.

The rules of our household still apply. I turned thirty in there somewhere too. My grandmother died and we bought a house and moved across the province.

Somewhere along the way, I did some blogaversary posts, which I’ve always meant to put on page like this, so here you go:
2000 (some I mentioned above)
2004 was rough. This is also when Addison broke his neck.
Don’t worry, they’re just overviews.

Ron got a job across the other end of the province and we bought the red house. It’s a long story in two parts. I reflected on moving again here. While he was away, I had kidney stones. They are so not fun. The part where Addison lugged an animal home was pretty funny in retrospect though.

My girly bits all revolted against me (stage 0 carcinoma of the cervix. Wheee.) and I had a hysterectomy. There’s a whole category for it. My brain even left me.

Oh, and Addison got married. I became a MIL.

I think I’d like to go lie down now.