Which came first, chickens or eggs?

I hate chickens.

Okay, I’ll clarify: I hate looking after the little cock-eyed buggers.
First off, its freakin’ cold outside this week, and I am not an outdoor person. Second, they’re stinky and they leave little “surprises” all over the place. They give me weird looks, and if they’re hungry (duh), they flock all around me when I approach with the little white bucket they know oh-so-well.
We don’t raise them in sterile wire mesh individual cages, either. A real coop, which Ron made out of logs with dovetail notches in the corners. Real straw on the floor. A sloped roof, which I keep forgetting about, that has a cross beam. My head makes contact with the beam every so often, when I’m at the back picking up eggs from the nesting boxes.
This time of the year is especially fun, because the eggs sometimes get frozen, which makes them crack big time. Once, Addison found a half an egg, frozen solid. No sign of the other half, but the yolk was still there, along with most of the white. It had to be tossed out, obviously. The chickens would have eaten it, had it melted. That would be bad, becasue then they’d try and eat all the eggs. No point in feeding it to the dogs, either, because they can fit through the small chicken door, looking for more.
You also have to take out a jug of hot water, to melt the ice in the water dish. Grampy says the hot water freezes faster, but you gotta melt some of the ice to get some water in there for them to drink! When its this cold, it only takes an hour or so for it to freeze anyway. This means going out there at least three times. Thank God Addison does his part after school….
Egg production is down to as low as three a day, if any, mostly because of the cold. Some days they don’t even want to go outside. We let them wander all over the yard. They have been spotted by the side of the road, and also way down in the fields. They wander back by nightfall, don’t worry. We’ve had to stop selling the eggs until it warms up. When its 20 below (celcius), it sorta gets to everyone, even them. They hate being cooped up too.
Oh come on, where did you think that expression came from?? 🙂
I really do appreciate the eggs, even if I don’t eat many of them, and the breast meat is the first to go from the freezer. I won’t even stick a “but” in there….

Oh, and the time honoured question above?
It depends on your veiw point, really.
Humanistic/scientific: the egg, because it’s the simpler cellular structure.
Biblical: the chicken of course, want the verses? Now you don’t think it specifically mentions chickens do you?

women’s group at church

Okay, so I couldn’t think of a title….
Anyway, the best thing about Tuesday is the Women’s Encouragement Group at the church. I usually appreciate it very much because:
a) only adult women allowed (okay, some teens too, but not regularly)
b) its far enough away from the house nobody can “drop in” in me
c) you can talk to people more than the 15 minutes after church on Sunday
d) we talk about anything and *everything*, you would be so surprised
e) it takes such an effort to get there.

It takes such a big effort because, if you’ve been following along, it is also Sarah’s Brownie night. Her group gets done at 7:30, while mine gets started at 7:30 and its 15 minutes away (driving, that is). So, the first thing is to arrange a drive home for Sarah, which could mean she doesn’t get home till 8 or so if she comes home with Wendy, who is also a leader.
Second, someone has to sorta be here when she gets back. I could get a babysitter, but there’s the hassle with possibly lugging kids around (what if Wendy doesn’t have the van?), and they better know how to handle a wood stove, or they’ll freeze.
So it is less of a hassle to just not go if Ron is not home. But this Tuesday, he was here. He arrived home at 4 am, but that’s beside the point….

So, Donna, who leads the group, had a surprise for some of us. Under selected seats was a sticker or piece of paper. Those who were “marked” got a prize. For no reason. I love Donna. I got a prize, it was half a dozen Hershey’s hugs. You just gotta love someone who gives chocolate!
She is alos so nice (or more organized than me) that hse called me the day before to say how much she and the group had missed my presence, since I hadn’t been there all month. She made my day, I had missed the group and that free time too, let me tell ya!
I can’t remember exactly what the lesson was about, because my mind is all over the place with the thoughts and conversations that arise. What little notes I take don’t make much sense, and are usually only verse references.
One lady had one of the verse-a-day boxes, and had prayerfully chosen a special verse for each member of the group. My verse was: “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” When I read this out loud I added, “That’s because I’ll still be in bed.”
THe meeting uspposedly gets over at 8:30. I say “supposedly” bvecasue a few leave then to pick up their children at a youth group at another church. A few more leave at 9, probably because that’s a nice time to go nd still get stuff done before bed. Now the really good part starts.
We were talking and talking and I glanced at someone’s watch and it was 10 before 10, and we were saying how we shoudld be going soon… but one idea sparked another again, we shared some more, i shared my Relationship Revalations which they really liked, and the next thing we all knew it was 11:15!

That church is built over some time-space vortex, I know it….
And when I got home, Ron was *feigning* sleep! After I found him out (and I was so worried he’d be worried becasue i was late), I talked his ear off.

So there.

Sunday School teacher of the year

Just to let you know, I got sucked into taking the nursery class at church. Not only that, when they asked, they had gone through every body else they could. A bunch of four year olds that didn’t know me. Great. I had just settled in being past that stage.

I would highly recommend you try this, at least once.
I knew the kids were in a bad way; they had various teachers over a short span, and at that age was really confusing for them, plus a couple of hyper kids and a couple of shy kids. In the same room.
I didn’t expect to get anything resembling a lesson into their heads, I jsut wanted them to be happy to be there. Three of the kids had Moms that stayed with them. Why didn’t one of these moms take the class? Well I thought about it, and when I was them, I was jumping at the chance to try and leave the kiddies for an hour a week. 🙂
My first instincts were just to be straight with them. After all they are people too. So not only did they have to get used to a new teacher, but one who talked to them like she was interested in what they had to say. I also made a point every Sunday, to tell each one individually that I loved them, as they were leaving. No matter how much of a test they were.
This Sunday, I chucked the lesson plan. I had a large piece of cardboard I had made into a puppet theater. I set it up in the class, squirt out some liquid tempra (therefore washable) paint onto foam plates and said, “Paint whatever you want on our stage.” I got a couple of “are you really serious???” looks, but they all went at it.
Some of them wound up rubbing their hands all over the paint on the plate, then wiping it all over the puppet theater. I think they really were too busy to try to walls or anything else! I painted a tiny angel hiding near the bottom on the side, then got the kids to find it.
At snack time, they were really impressed that I actually *made* cookies, instead of buying them at the store!
One little boy never wants to do what we’re doing, or he scribbles over the work on purpose to get it out of the way. He really liked doing this, then I showed him how to do crayon rubbings with some change in my pocket. He was enthralled. I had to explain to his mother later so she wouldn’t say no when he asked for money.
Later, one particularly shy little girl said to me with shining eyes, “I’ve *never* had a teacher like you before..”

Man, the hugs and kisses are worth it…..

Oh yeah, and the moms? They’re all free to go. I’m their biggest fan, too.

Love and Marriage Explained.. Or what I’ve figured out so far.

So Wendy & I were sitting there having our usual Friday afternoon chat over a pot (or two) of tea. Lately, it seemed as though we were rehashing the same old topics, which either one of us could easily script off the top of our little heads. I certainly won’t bore you or start a fight with them here. Its just how we figure out stuff.
I’ve had a few revelations of my own over the past while, so I decided to share. Its almost a compulsion. We got real deep. Some of it was brought on by too much time by myself, Ron being away, and reading a few journals where it seemed like everyone was splitting up, but really, they were just venting. Toss in the fact that a lot of couple around this small space had split up over the past year, and you’d get really reflective too.
Part of what I figured out is this: I can function quite well without Ron around. Emergencies I can handle, repairs, childish crisies, and the everday running of the household. Good for me, back pat break. I can do it on my own, which feels great, but you know what? It sucks doing it all by yourself. Not only that, I *LIKE* having my husband around.
How many of you can say that your spouse (or significant other) is someone you like to be with, not just because you have to? I’m talking after the overwhelming passion has simmered down to a slow burn, ready to be stirred up at a moment’s notice of course.. 😉
I realized lately that a lot of people who are having problems, don’t respect one another. A lot of people talk to and/or treat their spouse in ways they wouldn’t dream of treating their boss, best friend, beer buddy, pastor etc.. You get the idea. Well, hey, you love this person, right? An oft repeated phrase in this house is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. Drives the kids nuts, of course.
Think about it for a minute: how many people have you been involved with (other than immediate family) that you have thought to yourself, “I don’t really like this person, and I certainly don’t respect them ,but I *love* them..”. How about treating people with the same respect I know you feel you deserve?

Love is great, love is wonderful. Love is a VERB.

There is no “I love you but…”

Do I love my husband? You bet I do.
I also respect him.
And not only that, I actually like him….

It sound funny when I say it, but he’s the boss of the house hold…. because I *let* him. Think about that one for a while.
So here’s a toast to the head of my household. He’s the King.
And I’m the Queen.
Long live our reign.

Can you tell he’s home? 😉