busy day

Today I feel like I did something. Actually, I feel like I did a hundred somethings. Ron must’ve got a really good night’s sleep because he was out of bed even before the alarm went off. He even brought me over a cup of hot tea for when I was fully awake. Chipperness in the morning like that really irritates me.
He decided it was time to cut down two of the trees in front of the house. We wanted them to go, partly because people have a hard time backing out around them. It’s easy when you get the hang of it, but I know it screws people up. Especialy women. I know that sounds sexist, but its true.
Anyway, he had one down by the time Addison left for school. The other he wanted me to help lean on so it wouldn’t hit the power line. Nothing like some panicked adrenalin in the morning to wake you up! At one point, it was leaning in the wrong direction, and I screamed for him to stop. When he stopped cutting & looked up, the tree was just leaning there all on its own. But this boy knows what he’s doing, and it came down without hitting anything. Well, a few pushes from us, and a couple extra cuts helped.

The plan for the morning was for him to sit with the girls and direct/erase/plan their schoolwork, and I could sit in the office at the computer and work at all the piled up things that were… shall we say… delayed.
I tackled the taxes first, at least my end, he does his side of course, which took most of the morning. I thought I discovered that I had overpaid a supplier, but no, I had just lost my copy of the invoices, but then found them, still in the office, under some scrap paper and two potatoes. Dirt included. Such is the price in having an office that opens to the outdoors. And its the most convenient entrance to the house. I can’t wait to get the back room cleaned out, then the office can be a mudroom, and all the office stuff can move out back with the wood stove.
About 10, Ron popped his head in the office to ask, “Wasn’t it bookmobile day today?”
Eeek! I’d almost forgot!
The lady on the bus was her usual self, and we managed to come away with only 20 or so books. We’d forgotten some novels for Addison like he asked, but we did find a For Better or Worse book, which made up for it. So you know when we got back to the house, that blew away the rest of the time until lunch.

I’ve already finished one book; it was a youth novel that was in the wrong section, but it was still reading material, and I finished it over supper. Both Addison and Sarah said they didn’t want to read it, but give it a couple weeks and they’ll be looking for it. I also got part-way thru an Erma Bombeck, although I’m not sure my sides will survive. I also read out a spelling test to Meaghan at the same time. She got all twenty words right, and said they weren’t even hard!
Plus I skimmed thru a love story. Hardly looked at the other four I lugged home. I hope they last the three weeks.

This afternoon, I typed receipts into QuickBooks. Sales are getting more consistent, and starting to pick up. I hope my order comes in soon, the envelopes on my desk are piling up. I’m sure it won’t be until we get back from Halifax this weekend.
Ron decided since it looked like it was going to be crappy weather, that he would take a much-needed trip to town and elsewheres. He was on a hunt for a new part for my stove, plus a trip to an office in Woodstock for some type of finish-up computer work. He also just called (at 8:30) to say he was in Nackawic and on his way home; he had invited himself to a friend’s for supper. But at least he’s done. I forgot to ask if he found the stove part.

I managed to get the girls to tidy up some of the papers by their desks. It honestly looked like something exploded in the living room. But dangle some computer time in front of them, and they’ll do all kinds of chores that they’d otherwise forget.
When reiterating my day, the phrase “laundry list” comes to mind, so I’ll tell you I washed one load, and dried another load from yesterday. So there. i’m sure you don’t want to hear about every single thing I did, I can’t even remember half of it. the only odd thing was that nobody dropped by and the phone barely rang. I even picked it up once to see if it worked, but I knew it did, since I had been off & on the net. Hmm…. maybe that’s why nobody called…………..

Adventures in Living

Today is Tuesday. That means Brownies & Guides for the girls, and Ladies Group for me. I skipped the group becasue I’m tired. Too tired for a gab session, even.

I also taught a class this morning, which was easier that I thought it would be. I had three students: Shirley (the mother in law) and Patti & Cindy. Patti’s daughter was sick so she came too. There were stern warnings all around that the girls were not to play. Ron stayed upstairs to make sure my girls got their work done.
I updated my web site some this afternoon. I added meta tags galore, and 3 (count ’em 3!!) new projects.
Now that I’m sitting here, I can’t think of the zillion things I was gonna say. I must have wrote six different entries in my head today. And they were in better English too.
So I’ll tweak the layout of this thing & see ya tomorrow.