the big date, food, my weekend, the whole nine yards…

Well, for our anniversary we were understated as usual. We finally compromised on dinner; I wanted Chinese, which he despises, but other than that he had no preference. At the suggestion of Pizza Delight, we both went, “Aha!”. He had a New York style deli lover’s delight pizza, and I had a donair with Caesar salad on the side. We also had some cheesy garlic fingers.
The night was wasting away quickly, so instead of going to the local Christian bookstore for a mini-spree, we high-tailed it right over to the movie theater. We had decided on the drive in what to see, and after paying $11 for the two of us to get in, and a staggering amount for the popcorn, (I was pleased to see the assorted seasonings & cheeses to sprinkle on my corn, but flew by too fast to get some. Besides, why add more fat?), we slid in just in time to see only two trailers.

Ron picked a seat for us somewhere between the middle and the front row, which I was surprised at. He’s a back-row kinda guy, and plus, I was hoping to get some old-fashioned necking in. We’re getting too old to be gawked at by strangers.

We saw The Whole Nine Yards. We wanted to see something funny, yet adventurous, maybe with a little romance thrown in for good measure. I usually enjoy Bruce Willis movies, and this was no exception. We laughed and laughed. Matthew Leblanc is adorable when he’s in love, and he didn’t lay too heavy on the physical comedy. So it was money well spent.

Saturday it seemed like we were never home. yeah, i know I skipped Friday, but it was the same old thing.

There was a stamp show, of all things, and since Sarah had recently decided to start collecting stamps, we went. Meaghan had started stamp collecting too, but only because Sarah was. My maternal instinct about this was true, because after one quick glance around the room Meg was ready to go home. The show was held in a Forest Ranger school, so Addison spent a lot of the time in the halls looking at exhibits of sick trees and ancient chain saws.

I learned a couple things. One, there are some stamp errors that are far too common to worry about, like the stamp we had that had been printed too close to the edge. Two, that you don’t need to buy an empty stamp book. You can get ones with stamps already in them! I got a really small pocket size one for $2, which Addison claimed, a large one with maybe a dozen pages that was brand new and empty for Meaghan for $8 (she didn’t want any of those ol’ stamps), and a similar one for Sarah that was chock full of stamps with many doubles for only $4 more. Three, that sometimes you have to be really really patient with your kids when one of them has a hobby that doesn’t interest you at all.

Saturday night the kids were invited to a youth rally, but Duane only had room for one kid, so of course I offered to drive them up. At the time, I wanted to have a fun night as well. By the time I spent all morning in town, got the groceries, drove all the way home, put all the groceries away, cooked lunch and ate it, it was almost time to leave again. The rally was a 1 1/2 hour drive away. I had to meet Duane and follow his little car all the way up there. I had a little bit of a headache, so I sat in the back row with a bunch of teenagers I know and Addison. He kept scopin’ out the babes. *sigh* At least he was mostly looking at their faces. Much to the children’s delight, they even served food afterwards. It doesn’t matter what kind of food, my kids will eat practically anything. i heard the pastor there telling Duane that “tube steak” was just a way of making hot dogs sound fancy. I also had a bit of fun with Duane by telling him I was mad at him. I finally explained it was the way he wrote the information on the cheque stubs for the church’s account. I need to read and understand them now that I do his books for him.

After the long dark drive home, in which the kids didn’t really go to sleep, the last thing I remember was the clock saying 11:44. I didn’t even read for a few minutes. The next thing I knew it was 7:14. I was certainly disgusted with myself for waking so early, since technically I didn’t have to get out of bed until nine. That gave me an hour to throw myself, three kids and husband together for presentability at church. Since we go to both services, we bring lunch, so I had to make that too. Tuna casserole, just so you know. I don’t think I need to tell you how to throw that together.

It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy the service instead of dealing with a room full of screaming children. For one, there’s less kids here than at the old church. I don’t really have to hurry for anything wither, since once we’re there, we are there for a good long while.

I just got off the phone with my mother. She’s taking me, the kids, my grandparents, her parents, her boyfriend, my father and aunt, my brother, all out for dinner. When she said “Yeah, next Saturday!” I was taken aback for a moment. Somehow I was still thinking my birthday was still two weeks away! Eeeek! It’s only 9 days away! When did this happen?

She also wanted to know if I wanted anything “special” for the big day.

Yeah, how about everyone forgetting how old I am?

Side note:
Supper tonight was divine! I had a craving for fish and stuffing, so I made something I remember from my childhood.
Roll up a fish fillet, with a strip of bacon on the bottom, around a scoop of stuffing. Bake and enjoy.

soon and very soon

Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary. It seems almost anti-climactic really. We tend to have an anniversary for just about everything in our relationship. Any excuse for some action.

Now we don’t know what we really want to do. We waffled from having some friends over, to a big party at the church, to an overnight trip at a cabin in the woods. Ron even called the Sheraton to see if we could get a really, really fancy room with a hot tub and fruit basket. They’re full.

So now we’ve narrowed it down to a night out. Since we’re such party animals, this means dinner somewhere, and maybe a movie. It doesn’t matter, really. One year we went for a shopping trip to town. The first place we stopped was the Kubota dealership. That’s a tractor store. You know you’re a redneck when…. After that we went to the fabric store, so it made up for it. Another year we went to a hotel for the night and surfed the cable channels and slept in. And worried over the kids. Sarah was a baby and she had cried almost all night, we found out later. After years of making do with what we had, it seems almost… I dunno… decadent?

Ron is all super-snuggly, and I’m just trying to get some things done around here. I may have succeeded. I can see my kitchen counter, at least. I didn’t have to kick my way past the laundry pile either. I clean better when I’m in a mood, or else it puts me in a mood. Today I let Ron sleep in because he went for a midnight prayer meeting. It secretly annoys me when he’s asleep and I’m not. So I cleaned. Then after he got up, he was all cute and cuddly, so it made it really hard to continue to be mad. He even weaseled and kissed his way out of bagging up the garbage to take out.

See what I have to live with? I think I can put up with it for a while more….

the logic of avoidance.

I tried, I really did. It was not in the cards for me today to get anything of any importance or urgency done. I had forms to fill out and mail, packages to get out, invoices to print. What’s a girl to do when her printer is fried?

Call Wendy, of course.

There was no answer, so I left a message. A couple hours later, I called again. Still no answer. Dave calls me back at 4:30, which was after he post office closed. The sense of urgency certainly is gone.

After supper and taking the girls to Brownies and Guides, I stop in to pick up their printer. Dave is in a chatty mood and by the time I leave, I have just enough time to dump the printer at my house, and peel back out of the driveway to pick up the girls.

They’re all tucked in bed, so you would think I’d be playing catch-up with all the work. Silly, silly people. This is me, remember? Oh, remind me of this when my kids use the same line on me…

“I’ll do it tomorrow, Mom, honest!”

Side note:
Just so you know, I had this entry all written, then I accidentally overwrote it.

It was way better the first time.

standing by the side of the road

I was standing on the shoulder of the highway, between our truck and the Volvo, watching the traffic go by. I was mad, mostly because my mind had time to wander while we waited.

The Volvo had broken down. Ron was on his way home from Maine, and the Volvo had run out of gas just outside of Fredericton. One hour away from home. The gauges on it haven’t been working. He had called me at 2 a.m. to tell me he was in a hotel in Fredericton, and could I pick him up in the morning?

But it wasn’t why I was mad.

A recent news story was why I was maddened, and it had nothing to do with me. A daycare worker had been taking her charges on a field trip and had been in a collision. Seven children under 5 years old had died. It made me mad because she had 10 children in the vehicle with her. 10. In a mini van that seated seven. Only one was in a car seat. The driver that hit her has hurt, but relatively okay. He’s an emotional wreck now. She didn’t receive a scratch. Her own son had died in the accident.

It made me made because it was an entirely preventable and stupid, stupid accident. A glaring lack of judgment.

I’m sure many of us have gone one-over in a car before. I can see that. But when this is your job? When these are other people’s children? When there are guidelines in place that say “Any more than six children and you need another adult”???? They figure now that the children were all buckled, but two to a belt. It boggles my mind. Almost every single one of them should have been in a car seat.

The small town in which it happened (they were almost home) doesn’t blame her for what happened.

But I do.

Side note:

Buckle up. And use a car seat.

’nuff said.

the kids and I have an interesting discussion, and I doodle to escape work.

Sarah came to me earlier with an amused look on her face. It seems the dogs were going at it. Good thing one of them is fixed! That lead to a whole interesting discussion on sex, because I was partly trying to quash the idea that the dogs were “doing a bad thing”, as Sarah so delicately put it. I was also trying to figure out how to explain that people didn’t do it like dogs did. “At least not most of the time.” says Addison.

Addison joined in to tell me how yesterday he missed his Sex Ed class, since he had a bad earache and I had to go pick him up early. They were going to discuss Sexual Harassment. For 12 year olds?

“Don’t worry, Mom,” he explained after I raised my eyebrows, “I already learned all about it from the Drew Carey Show!”.

Great. Between t.v. and conversations on the back of the bus, I think I’ll try desperately to keep those lines of communication open.

Anyway, it’s snowing again and school was canceled. Thank God, because I needed to sleep in (see sidebar). Also, Ron is away overnight again. He had to take some Safety Training at this pulp mill he frequently sell his software to. Mostly he seems to sit around and gab, but he gets paid well for it.

I’m writing this now because I needed a break from work, what else is new? Anyway, I’m reorganizing the Projects section of the craftlady site. You can look at the new catalogue section here. Any comments would be appreciated. It is still in the testing stage. I asked my craft list to poke around and have a look at it to help me find all the boo boos.

I’m not really into St. Paddy’s day this year. I’m really put out how it seems okay to stereotype the Irish as a bunch of boozers. So for your amusement, here’s some doodles I did.

Side note:
Okay, so I’m still reading Susan Powter. But, as is my habit, I started another book called “Revelation” yesterday. One of those medical thrillers. I finished it at 11:30 last night.

just messin’ with people’s head’s