soon and very soon

Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary. It seems almost anti-climactic really. We tend to have an anniversary for just about everything in our relationship. Any excuse for some action.

Now we don’t know what we really want to do. We waffled from having some friends over, to a big party at the church, to an overnight trip at a cabin in the woods. Ron even called the Sheraton to see if we could get a really, really fancy room with a hot tub and fruit basket. They’re full.

So now we’ve narrowed it down to a night out. Since we’re such party animals, this means dinner somewhere, and maybe a movie. It doesn’t matter, really. One year we went for a shopping trip to town. The first place we stopped was the Kubota dealership. That’s a tractor store. You know you’re a redneck when…. After that we went to the fabric store, so it made up for it. Another year we went to a hotel for the night and surfed the cable channels and slept in. And worried over the kids. Sarah was a baby and she had cried almost all night, we found out later. After years of making do with what we had, it seems almost… I dunno… decadent?

Ron is all super-snuggly, and I’m just trying to get some things done around here. I may have succeeded. I can see my kitchen counter, at least. I didn’t have to kick my way past the laundry pile either. I clean better when I’m in a mood, or else it puts me in a mood. Today I let Ron sleep in because he went for a midnight prayer meeting. It secretly annoys me when he’s asleep and I’m not. So I cleaned. Then after he got up, he was all cute and cuddly, so it made it really hard to continue to be mad. He even weaseled and kissed his way out of bagging up the garbage to take out.

See what I have to live with? I think I can put up with it for a while more….