Wednesday, May 17, 2000 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

so I’m not really dead

Side note:
I had no car at all today. Gabe borrowed the truck to take the old folks to town. He also hit a deer on his way in, but fixed the bent bumper when he got back home. The deer bounded away on its own.
The volvo is in the shop getting a new alternator, and the wagon wouldn’t start *at* all. It apparently need a new battery.
Ron would have driven us down to road on the tractor, but there’s not room for us all without hitching up the wagon, and it’s illegal here anyway.
Well, now. I’m not going over the whole where-I’ve-been list, and most of whatever I did I can’t remember… The first week of the month, though, I mainly forgot to update. The second week I was just busy procrastinating. Life happens.

There are burn marks in the field. Upon inspection from Ron, since it was smoldering when Addison found it, he figures something fell burning to the ground.

There’s only a few things this could be, you know. I did mention we live near a military base. Sure, the base entrance is a half-hour away, but their training ground extends almost to the back of our property. So this leaves us with a few possibilities.

a) the army guys dropped something whilst flying overhead.
b) a meteor or parts thereof landed.
c) aliens are among us.

What do you think?

Since I moved here to be with my beloved, some 10 years now, I have had many questions about the activities of the surrounding military. There’s weird lights at night, until you realize they’re just flares. Pilots like to buzz housewives when they hang out the laundry. And something called a “long walk” which I thought was a joke, not really a form of punishment.

Until the day two privates knocked upon my door dressed in full battle gear in the summer’s heat. Could I spare a couple drinks of water? I did of course, and asked them if they were out for a little walk. They looked at each other, got that guilty look and said “Yeah, thanks for the water.” and left. Do I need to mention again that we are miles away from anywhere?

Bookmobile day today, and we walked the country mile, dragging our bags of books behind us.

Needless to say, we were very selctive about our choices to lug back home.

Also have about twelve children’s books which we “forgot” to take back. It took the girls a good half-hour in their room to find most of them after we got back home.

“They should make us have a limit” Sarah says on the way home. She couldn’t see me roll my eyes at her. I’d teach her self-control, but I’d have to be an example then, wouldn’t I?

Monday is a holiday, and I’ve invited hte Little Grandparents up for a fun-filed day. This was mostly so I could get my butt in gear and really, *really* clean the house. Almost there, so no wonder I’m so tired.