Monday, June 5, 2000 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

we spill the beans

Side note:
So this makes me due about November 30th. I say somewhere in the double-digits of early December.
Why is his nickname Mo?
I always said I was going to call the kids Eenie, Meenie and Mieny, but I didn’t want no mo’.
Mo is on his way!
Oh yeah, and I need to apologize or something to the whole of the Internet. Ron found where the mosquitoes were coming in from (around the chimney) and fixed it.
So he was right. Again.
(Happy, now, Ron?)

I went to the doctor today, my first official pre-natal visit. He was greatly amused. He said we were far enough along (14 weeks by his reckoning, and with my notes, probably really accurate) that we could try and listen for a heartbeat.

My catastrophic thinking kicked in of course. Now that I was really excited, what if he found nothing? What if it was a gross tumor or something? He moved and turned that little thingy he had, and finally, he found the whump whump we were looking for.

So it’s officially official. We can tell the world. And the whole world will shout back, “What!?!”

So when I got back home and told Ron I heard the heartbeat, and yes, something is actually there, we decided to break it to the girls. They looked at us, stared stock-still. Sarah said, “I knew it.” Meaghan said, “Oh.” Then they each went to their room, laid on their beds, and continued reading their comic books for the next 15 minutes. Ron and I anxiously bit our fingernails trying to figure out how to handle this now.

After a few minutes, some dark looks, and Sarah saying she figured it out because she read in Ramona Forever how *her* mom was pregnant, and it all fit, their questions were answered and they were assured the world was not going to fall in on them. *Whew* there were no tears, which I thought there may be.

Then they got excited. Picking out names, planning shopping trips, making lists of things we’ll need… jeepers, they’re such women. It’s really cute. We even looked up pictures of fetuses on the Internet so they could see what Mo looks like right now!

After Addison came home, we sat him down and broke it to him. He thought we were joking, like other people I saw today thought, but when he knew we were serious, especially looking at the grins on the girls’ faces, he had a look of shock and “Eeewww!” come over his face. He’s not into the planning like the girls are, he just wants to know if I expect him to change any diapers. They’re all pulling for a baby brother.

The best thing was when Meaghan said “When he gets here, the baby will have a whole family to love! And a whole family to love him back!” Couldn’t you just die from the cuteness?

I called my mother, who has been sick in bed following an operation. She was ecstatic. She had to go, though, she had some shopping to plan.

I called my aunt Tammy, if you will remember is my age, and she was excited too. Her baby is due next month. Our last two babies we both had were born around the same times, too. Mom says our competitions have got to stop!