Sunday, December 17, 2000 in I Forgot To Pick A Category


“I had the strangest dream…” I said to Ron. “I dreamed I went into labor all on my own on Saturday night and we had to pile all the kids in the truck and rush to the hospital at the beginning of a snowstorm, and it hurt like heck, mostly pressure, not at all like those other contractions I’d been having. The doctor there was the same one who delivered Meaghan, and I was already 6 or 7 centimeters dilated but the monitor didn’t show very strong contractions I thought. So they broke my water, and the next thing you knew I was pushing, but I was sooo very tired, but finally they were saying we had a girl and she was smaller than the other kids and we were so stunned we couldn’t say anything. Isn’t that the funniest thing you ever heard?” And Ron turned to me and we laughed together, shaking our heads.

Then I woke up staring at a hospital wall and realized that no, I had been dreaming a dream and this was reality. Soon, a baby cart was wheeled in and a nurse handed me my new baby girl. She looked at me and I looked at her, saying, “I hope you like blue, honey.”

Later, Ron came back, looking like nothing in the world could wipe the smile from his face. The wrinkles has all smoothed out and I think the shock had finally worn off. I got out of bed so we could go to the nursery and stare at our new addition, but of course, we had to have a full body hug. Partly because now we could, and partly because we hadn’t had a chance to earlier. As we stood there clinging to one another, trying not to sob with relief, the faint strains of a choir could be heard singing “Silent Night”. Yeah, really. A choir with all the men in tuxes and the women in long gowns drifted slowly by, singing and pausing briefly at the doorways to each room.

We went to the nursery to pick up Emma, and Dad of the Year held up his new baby girl to the window so the whole choir could see while they serenaded her with Jingle Bells.

What a merry christmas.

email announcement from Ron…

Hi folks,
I wanted to open with a word of thanks for the many congratulatory messages. We are very happy not only with the final outcome but also how well this went (relatively speaking). We discussed a good many names a few times today and passed a few finalists by the children and decided to call our little lady Emma Elizabeth. As many folks have asked how Andrea is doing… She is tired (naturally) but this was by far her easiest delivery. I expect at this time she is enjoying a good night’s rest (interruptions to nurse included). I am sure that by Tuesday she will be wanting to come home. I have enclosed a couple photos. We will have more in the days to come.