pumpkin night

So here I am squeezing an entry in while I wait for kiddies at the door. We decided to let our own wander door-to-door (with Ron) but I think we’ll have some changes for next year. The girls’ couldn’t make up their minds for starters. They kept changing the idea and what they went out the door was different fron what they said they were doing. Both are wearing their own dressy clothes with labels explaining. Sarah is a fashion designer and Meaghan is someone from Sugar Jones. No microphone, no makeup, nothing fancy. Before Ron went out the door, he said to me, “and how is this different from how they normally look?” Next year they are not going out the door without some sort of effort.

Mom thought it was “cute” to get me a large orange t-shirt with a pumpkin face on it. Ron says I need to wear my pointy bra with it, so the eyes stick out. Emma thinks this whole thing is funny.


One more month until I move my stuff into my new house. We’re feeling a tad cramped in here. Okay, more than a tad. We don’t even have all our stuff up, none of the big furniture, thank God, because I don’t know where we’d put it. I am tripping all over the kitchen every time I make a meal.

In my new house, I am putting a list inside every cupboard door of what is supposed to go inside. The kids put dishes away in a different cupboard every time, I swear.

I need to sew some more. I don’t have much room right now, and as I was looking around the house today, I realized I should have set a corner up before we got mostly settled in a rearranged. It’s going to be a little work to do it now, and only for a month too.

Well, why would I bother, you ask? For one, I have a large sewing pile to get to. Darn fabric sale. I’d like to sew the girls’ some dance clothes too. The big dance show is coming up, and I’d like to sew their costumes. The thing is, it’s a really professional studio and the costumes are going to cost between fifty and seventy five dollars each. The up side of that is, the studio is always looking for good a sewer (which i am – uh, I guess that would be seamstress) and they even PAY.

I’m not sure if I can handle it, though. I don’t know when I’ll feel like I’m getting enough sleep. Plus I think I’ve got some hormonal changes going on. No sign of anything yet, but when you’re breastfeeding, it’s like you have all the effort of pms without any of the result.


(I can’t believe he’s 14!!!)

Dreama came up with a little list of Top 5 famous people you’d sleep with. And with not a lot of thought, here’s my list!
1. Nicholas Cage
2. John Travolta
3. David Duchovney (but he’s not allowed to talk)
4.John Cusack.
and for those old guy willies – 5. Sean Connery rrrarr!

Who is on your list?????
(edited to add – this is assuming Ron is gone *sniff*)

Sadly, I have Things To Do today and must stay off the internet for a bit. I’ve been on it for 17 minutes, and that will have to do me. Thank God a whole bunch of people haven’t updated since yesterday afternoon, or I’d really be behind!
Everyone go have a party in the Comments! 😉