new beginnings

Today we did something really scary. We put in an offer on the house we want. On the house, which at first glance I said was far too nice. The house that we now see as “our” house.

It’s exhilarating and scary and complicated and full of dotting i’s and crossing t’s as you can possibly get.

We offered in at $2,400 less than the asking price. Half-way between what I thought we should offer and what Ron thought we should offer. In 48 hours (or sooner) we’ll know if they accept, reject or counter our offer. I’m not near as nervous as I thought. The worst they can do is reject it, and we’ll come back and offer more. We really want this house.

Okay, the absolute worst that can happen is someone else is already in the process of offering, and the owners accept their offer. But that won’t happen, right? I mean, this house has been for sale a long time, and well, we just can’t see anything wrong with it. Good foundation, all kinds of recent work on it. The only thing we figure is that it is “too nice” for most people who would need the four bedrooms. And it doesn’t really look like most of the other houses in this area of the same age.

So here we are. A new location and a whole new journal. New look, too. I thought it was fitting, consider all that is going on in our lives at the moment. Ron got Grampy moved too, into a nice one bedroom apartment. He’s doing really well and I’m glad. I guess it was very cathartic, getting to go over a whole lifetime together. Dig it out, dust it off, cry over it, hand it off to someone else or pack it up and then move on. I’m sure Nanny would be pleased we’re not all moping around. That’s how she’d put it.

So this is a short one, but I’m hoping to be back on track now, just bear with me as I tinker with the design and get back in the swing of things.

And soon, we’ll have a whole new house that is just ours, no strings attached.

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