Thursday, October 4, 2001 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

one week

Days around here have settled into a routine, although I did realize that it is just organized chaos and there will always be “something” that seemingly keeps me from doing what I want, when I want.
We all seem to wake up at the same time, Emma included, which is around 8:30. Well, sometimes Sarah or meaghan gets up early and sits on the couch reading and waiting for signs of life. I get one of the girls to take Emma out to the living room while I snuggle Ron for a few more moments. Then we all get up and have breakfast. that takes quite a bit of time, like an hour, because by the time you get Addison out of bed, Emma fed, lght a fire under the girls’ butts because “this book is really good, Mom”, that’s how much time has gone by. Oh, and somewhere in there go to the bathroom, have a cup of tea and figure out what I can stomach myself.

By the time everyone is dressed, well, let’s face it. It’s now ten o’clock. No one would even dream of getting to their work before anyone else, or even think about picking up where they left off the day before. Which is exactly what I tell them to do. Emma usually playS with her toys, and her blocks (which were mine) are especially fun. So she does school too, since I show her all the block colours and shapes. The girls curl up on the couch and Addison heads off to his room.

Ron floats in and out, alternately needing snuggles and space. And that cigarette. At some point, Emma lets him go so he’s free to escape to the sunporch and try to get some work done. If Emma is content, I’ll start to tidy up, stopping to wipe noses and answer questions. By the time she’s ready for a nap, and I get her asleep, it’s time to think about lunch. It’s Meaghan’s job to help me prepare lunch and clean up after it. The only radio station in town plays country all morning, and switches over to music I like about now. Yes, I still listen to it throughout the morning. After lunch, or maybe during, we flick on the tv for those who have done a suitable amount of work.

By the time I settle down to watch The View at one, Emma wants to be nursed again and usually goes down for her afternoon nap. Especially if she skimped on her morning one. Sometimes, this is when we drive around town on errands, walk to the library or hook up with other homeschoolers. Maybe we’ll leave Ron home so he can get even more work done. A lot of his day is spent cuddling Emma because she follows him around, yelling “DA! DA!” and crying when he leaves. If she’s not hungry, she could care less where I go.

When Oprah comes on, then I start thinking of supper. See? My life seems to revolve around food and television, but it’s not like that I swear! Supper usually takes a while, due to all the interruptions. Bum changes, refereeing, hubby snuggling, phone calls from my mother the usual.

It gets dark pretty early now, so if we haven’t gone for a Death March… uh, I mean a nice walk around the neighbourhood, I holler out the window for the kids to come in. We might actually sit and watch the tv, instead of listen to it while doing other things, finish up some household chores (always laundry to fold), or they may have convinced Ron to play a game with them. Emma likes to confuse us by acting crancky, nursing & dozing, then snapping herself awake.

The big kids have decided on staggered bedtimes (and rightly so), so this takes an hour to acomplish. What I want to know is, why does the youngest go to bed after all the other ones? Emma just fights it. She needs lots of Daddy play. I might decide to bake or something in the kitchen while ron has her, or maybe catch some all-too-infrequent computer time. Eventually, close to ten, she decides she wants to go to bed for the night. I nurse her out in the living room now, and when she is out like a light, I put her oh-so-gently in her crib and close the door.

Ron and I flake out on the couch together. Maybe we’ll talk. Eventually, I can’t hold my eyelids up any longer and I go to bed too. Ron follows about an hour later, after I’m out. After a couple of more nursing sessions, with which Emma winds up between us, we get up and do it all over again.

Monday nights Meaghan has dance class at 5:15.
Tuesdays at 1:10 is skating.
Wednesdays from 4 to 6 Mom takes the kids swimming. Addison doesn’t usually go. I love dropping the kids off at the youth jail. Mom says, “I pretend to work, and they pretend to pay me.”
Friday nights Sarah has her dance class at 7:15.
Sunday church is at 11 with potluck lunch to follow.

And for some reason today, I was thinking I wasn’t doing enough to keep myself busy. Hmph.