One week to go, and that house is OURS! YEAH!


Anyway, last night we walked down to the town square to see the tree lighting ceremony. A reporter was floating around taking pictures and she took ours. No promises that it would be in the local paper, though. We also stopped in Tim Horton’s for a round of hot chocolate and then came home.
Remember I mentioned a job? Well, I got a call yesterday to go by the dance studio and pick some things up. I spent a little bit yesterday (less than half an hour) and a good chunk of time this morning working on things which she’d really like to have later today. So why am I writing a journal entry? hee hee… lunch is cooking. Somehow, I can float in and out during that. For the costuming, I’m on the clock and I want to do a really good job.

The great gingerbread experiment is continuing. We’ve already made and decorated one complete house. We gave it away to M (lady who owns this house) & her dad. We burnt one pan of house pieces already. Each kid is making their own house (one house, two churches complete with stained candy windows) from Ron’s design. I guess they’re assembling them today. I made one candy stained glass panel taken from a lantern panel from a book. Ron has made two more panels of his own design. He wants to do this all, but then asked me what were we going to do with them! I suggested we give them away, so we are. Except for the kid’s of course. He’s also making one of a model of our new house.

How’s Emma doing? Oh, great I guess. I think she’s still teething. not the spot I thought it was before, but a new spot, of course. She only nursed twice last night, but after the 5am nurse, she tossed and turned and got all comfortable snuggled and held by me. I woke up a while later with my arm asleep and tingly. She can sort of say a few things, too. Like ‘pretty’ (pweee?), hi, dad (of course) ad, nay-nay (meaghan), sss or ah (sarah) and maaaaaaaam only when she’s whiney. 😉 She also makes monkey noise, like ooo ooo aaa aaa eee eee because I taught her. When she’s over at Mom’s, she says something that sounds suspiciously like AJ, but we can’t figure out for what. The cat Abby? Carl? Who knows? Mom also taught her the meaning of the word NO, so to demonstrate she knows it well, Emma will crawl over to Mom’s nicey nice things, wait for Mam to notice and say NO, than laugh.

Well, we’re setting up for a real busy spell, so here’s my calendar in case you don’t hear from me. At least you’ll know what I’m up to.

As always, I may have quicky updates in the blog. I love those things. 🙂

Today & Tonight:
finish first batch of costumes
ladies’s meet & greet at church 7pm
dance class for Sarah
wake up Ad at 7am
kids at chuch 1:30
find out when Monsters Inc. is playing so Mom can take them
work on more costumes
supper at Mom’s
make treats for Sunday
church & lunch afterwards
work on more costumes
Monday the 27th
dance class for Meaghan
Tuesday – 27th
library books due

More later….