I woke up late to Emma grinning at me with cookie all over her face. She had breakfast with the other kids. Ron & I have an actual date tonight, to a faculty potluck. We have to take Emma, but she doesn’t mind when we kiss in front of her. Well, most of the time she doesn’t. At least, as long as it doesn’t snow a lot by then like the weather is calling for. Blue & cloudy sky right now tho’…..

And something else to look at whenever itCannot find the damn server!

Bored? Looking for new fun on-line? Then go to The Ultimate Build Your Own Cow Page!

Okay, now that I have tons of closets, I really need to get them organized. Especially the girl’s, since it is over five feet long with one rod. ANd then I saw a commercial for this: Closet Design Programs from ClosetMaid and it is waaaaaaaay cool!

I have had beef stew simmering in a very large pot in the oven all afternoon. Mmmmm…. smells heavenly here. I’m so glad I can cook, because I sure love to eat.

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