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Okay, so now it has

Okay, so now it has been THREE TIMES that Blogger ate this entry on me.. When I win the lottery, I swaer i am soooo outta here… (this webspace I mean).

Well, it’s been an interesting week over here. I’ve injured myself plenty. First, I had a black eye and no idea where it came from. We figure Emma poked me a little too hard. Then I pinched my elbow between my Mom’s chair and desk. I also gouged my hand with my fingernail, ripped my thumbnail down too far, and got a paper cut under another nail.

Last Thursday, Emma was all set to get her 12 month needle. She’s 15 months, remember, so it was overdue and delayed for all sorts of reasons. This was the third appointment she had. So anyway, I have her records with me, as the provincial computer system doesn’t have any record of her getting them at all. By the time we get in to see the health nurse, I’m tired and fuzzy-headed. Maybe it’s the building, or maybe it’s nap time, who knows? Anyway, she’s looked over Emma’s records and can’t find any proof that she’d had her 2month needle. I even looked over the records myself, like I did earlier that morning. Emma winds up getting three needles. It was so upsetting Ron had to leave the room. When I nursed her for comfort, she bit me.

I also got the whole rigamarole over her being underweight still. She is dropping off the charts. She weighs 17 pounds, 6 ounces. She should be over 20. I’m not worried about it at all, just annoyed we have to go through it again.

After I got home and everything settled, I slowly began to realize, yes Emma *did* get her 2 month needle. I finally found it on her chart, but it was too late to call. I called first thing the next morning. The good news is, if Emma was going to react to it, she would have done so immediately. It also had been long enough since she had her last needle. The nurse had to check with the doctor, but it was possible, she said, that Emma wouldn’t need her 18 month needle. I don’t care what he says, she’s not getting it anyway. She does have to get another Measles/mumps/rubella shot in 6 months, but that’s far enough away for me.

Emma was really mad. I’m glad she’s pretty much done with vaccinations, or she’d never get them again.

The moral of this story is, don’t expect anyone, even people who should be doing their jobs, to be able to read what is in front of them. This is also one reason why I normally take our health into my own hands.

Anyway, Emma is perfectly fine, just a little rash from the MMR shot, nothing out of the ordinary.

It is really quiet in our house. Ron took the girls down to BJ’s place. He mailed asking to borrow them so they could look after her boys while she did some spring cleaning. They were packed three days ago, they were so excited. I think Emma is starting to miss them.

I was at Mom’s yesterday, naturally, and I weighed myself. The bad news is I didn’t lose any more. The good news is, I didn’t gain. I also have been eating like a pig, but only before 7pm. I hope when it warms up and we go walking that my metabolism really fires up.

Oh yeah, I went to Mom’s while Ron drove the girls. We also skipped church,. There was a big conference they were having all weekend, and most fo the sermons leading up to it, were all about how great it would be. Whatever. We weren’t that interested in it. Last Sunday, they announced that there wouldn’t be any Sunday school for the kids so the teachers could hear the speaker. Well, what about the kids? I know mine could not have cared less. And since they expected the place to be packed, they would have taken up 3 seats that might be needed. The pastor also told us, like we were children, that the kids had to sit with the parents, and the parents were to immediately look after their kids and take them out should they be disruptive. Not exactly child-friendly, so we opted not to go.

I hope this lights a fire under their collective butts. There’s some things we’ve been waiting to hear about, church-wise that have all been put on hold for this conference. *sigh* I wish religion was simpler. I mean, it is, but not when it’s “organized”.

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Yesterday at mom’s, I also browsed her Martha mags and found these Homemade Easter Treats. Since we decided not to buy candy for Easter, we figured it would be okay to make them, right? That’s perfect logic, isn’t it?

Monday, March 18, 2002 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

I wrote an entry! Yer welcome.

Monday, March 18, 2002 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Okay, here’s a new idea… Sensibilities from Dreama. She asks, “What is one thing that, above all others, you cannot bear to touch or feel upon your skin, and why?

Well. It didn’t take me long to figure out what was the worst. Yarn through my fingers, like when knitting or crocheting. Yes, I know! It really gives me the willies, and I’m shivering thinking about it right now. It’s so rough between my delicate fingers, worse than nails on a chalkboard. I knit left-handed, too, so as the yarn passes by it untwists, not only making knitting a little more difficult, but also more strands to rub against me. *shudder*