Wednesday, July 24, 2002 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

It’s summer, I think. Some

It’s summer, I think. Some days it rains, some days it is very cool with a wind off the water. Some days I don’t know; I don’t go outside. Some days it is very hot and we gather up the kids and dump them off at my mother’s so she can take them swimming. Sometimes we go too.
The kids had our old neighbour up for a visit. He stayed a week. He’s the same age as Sarah, a little older, and absolutely adores Addison. Not that he’d say it out loud.
We bought a play station for under $100. It is Ron’s. That’s the only way we can hold back the arguments over whose turn it is.
I made a webpage for Sarah, and one for Meaghan. I’m working on one for Emma too. Addison is working on one for himself.
Emma is adorable as usual. She can say so much.
Meaghan goes to day camp, but not every day. When our guest was here, she went one day. This week, she’s gone two days already.
Remember the mix-up with Emma’s last vaccination? Well, they called today wanting to see some copies of stuff, but I can’t find it now. I should call back and say she’s not getting it regardless of what they think, or what papers they need to look at.
The Witnesses knocked on the door again today. I’m too nice to tell them to go away, but the whole time they were talking, in my head I was saying, Nope, got that wrong too!
We got dental insurance as part of Ron’s job perks. Another perk is his golf game he is at right now, a team-building thing. Anyway, now I have to find a dentist who will take us all on. My kids have never gone. No, their teeth have not rotted out of their heads. I think Emma has a cavity and I don’t know how that happened, since she still doesn’t eat much. Probably because she still nurses a lot.
I haven’t been to church in more than a month, maybe two. Ron and/or some of the kids have gone, though. Only occasionally.
I keep saying I’m tired, but I don’t think it is all to do with lack of sleep. Some days I stare out the window at nothing. Sometimes, I browse the same website six times in one day.

I put up some entries from this time last year. It was not good time. One week left to go.