The learning Page has *tons* of free worksheets & units to print out, all in pdf format, including mini books to make for babies and young children. Sign-up is free and easy, and you’ll have all kinds of things at your fingertips for homeschool, helping to teach reading or strengthen skills, or just for extra homework help.

I can’t wait to use some of this stuff with Emma!

Gah. I’m amazed at how one can spend 12 hours in bed and still be tired. At least Emma does not appear to be as whiney as she was all weekend. When we were home, she clung to me constantly. I hope she gets better soon! She’s also nursing constantly.

She just came over and gave me a fruit snack. 🙂

Ohmylord, what a week. I

Ohmylord, what a week.

I had somewhere to be or drop someone off somewhere every single night since last Sunday. First, was Addison’s swimming lessons, which we remembered at the last minute as we were finishing up our restaurant dining. When we got to the pool, a guy met us at the door saying there was no pool use for that day. Some technical difficulty.
So Monday rolls around, and I try to boost my household into high gear, since we were expecting dinner guests Friday evening. Yes, it will take me all week to get everyone organized, myself included.
I have ripe tomatoes all over the house (no kidding) and made sauce from scratch. I have this food strainer thingy that is really neat. You chop your tomatoes in quarters, whole, and pop them in the hopper. Crank it, and the skins and seeds go out one end, and the pulp and juice get collected at another spot. Instant sauce.
Monday night we dump Sarah off at CGIT.
Emma’s sleep was screwy for some reason, so I declared Tuesday and Wednesday Work-Really-hard-at-school days and crack the whip in their general direction. It was hard and full of sighs as I was pretty tired to boot. The girls kept forgetting to read the written instructions I had for them too.
Oh i almost forgot! I went to my friend Carol’s place, since seeing my site had inspired her to create her own blog/journal and we spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out how her ISP setup weird directories. But we did it and she’s live! Link to come later.
Tuesday night was quilt night for me and I almost didn’t make it as Ron was dead tired. But I made it, and found myself in a chatty mood for no reason. I was so chatty I remember thinking to myself as I was talking “Shut up! Shut up! These people want to get away!” but I couldn’t. I kept talking!
Wednesday night, Emma has the biggest dump in her diaper that you can imagine. It was really really bad. So I figure something was bothering her tummy, and I am glad it has worked its way through.
Also that night. Meaghan tries out a new group, just for girls around her age, and she actually has a good time. She is really picky.
Flash forward to 2am on Thursday. Emma starts fighting around in her sleep, cuddling up next to me. Then she starts choking, so I move her onto her side and she just blows like a volcano. We had to change me and her and the sheets. It took a while to settle her down, but she finally did. And then she threw up again. Finally, Ron got her to sleep by rocking and rocking with her. And then she woke again and again.
So Ron got to work late Thursday.
I had planned on Thursday being my run around town and clean up day, but I was a zombie that morning and didn’t know if I could even drive that afternoon. With a lot of rest and just lounging on the couch with Emma, we barely managed. She seemed to come out of it at lunch, with the help of a little Tylenol.
Actually, by lunch when Ron staggered home, she was banging the table and chairs with a spoon as she ran around in circles. She didn’t eat anything that day, just num-nums. So I took ron to work and had the van for the afternoon and got my groceries. It took longer than usual with my sleep-deprived brain, but I did it and came home under budget for a change.
That night my diner guest calls to tell me she is sick as a dog and funnily enough (or not so funny if it was you) has the same sickness symptoms as Emma did. So we have to reschedule.
“But I cleaned my house!” I wanted to yell at her. “And I made sauce! From scratch even! We grew these tomatoes just for you!” But I didn’t, I said it was fine.
Thursday night is swimming class for the girls, so we dropped them off and head for my mother’s to veg. I helped her sort through some clothes she picked up for them, most of which they didn’t like. Sigh. I also tried to look through fabric, but that room is where mom hides her Christmas presents, so I couldn’t touch much. The girls get back from swimming and are excited becasue they jumped off the diving boards and did somersaults into the water. Whee. They were worried as the had started lessons rather late for their age, and were only in level 3 last winter. When Ron signed them up for this fall’s lessons, level four was full, so he took a glance at the requirements and signed them up for level 5. Sarah was worried, but its seems they will do just fine. They spent most of the summer swimming and Meaghan has turned into an otter it seems.
I vegged some more, checking out some more boxes of craft supplies I lugged home from my mom’s basement. Can’t wait to get rid of it all!
So Friday I woke up wondering what to do. I needn’t have worried, there was plenty. Emma needed me every five minutes, Sarah was baking the cake from beyond, and Meaghan was having a crisis every 10 minutes. I think Addison was around somewhere, his door is closed much of the time. I do see him at meals though.
I’d decided a good use of my time was to play tomb raider, so I did. I hadn’t spent much time on the computer all week, aside from getting my mail, surfing a few sites when I could and adding the occasional blog post. Other than that I was helping Carol. I love flexing my brain cells! And I gotta stop depending on those walk-thrus for that game!
And I made tortellini and sauce for supper because I was going to anyway, and it was really good. Tummy busting.
Today we got up late, and for spending at least 10 hours sleeping, I sure didn’t feel like it. Emma is mostly better, although still a bit cranky and of the Stinky Diapers, so she kept waking me up lots. We cleaned and cleaned. I cleaned the van. Oh my! What a job! This afternoon, I went to my Mom’s work picnic, which she organized. I was in charge of face painting. We left exhausted and stuffed.
Emma is being a whiney butt now. I hope I have a better week next week. I am getting behinder and behinder.

I know a couple of my readers will find this link extremely helpful! Learning HTML for Kids of All Ages. Yes it really is that simple, and the site is done in a mature and plain way. Addison “got it” very quickly, so you can too! 😀

Note: Emma is somewaht better, but our dinner guests came down with the same cold(flu?) so we had to postpone. I guess I get the day off today! I’m hoping to write a journal entry about it later.

Emma woke up last night at 2am throwing up. All over me and the bed. It was quite a while before we got her settled, and she has thrown up 3 more times since. She also got up this morning with a fever and I had a hard time getting her to take any Tylenol(tm). So I expect to be scarce yet again.

I’ll pick up with the september joy when I can.