Oh, I’m pooped… Emma is

Oh, I’m pooped… Emma is thrilled with this whole trick or treat experience. We started of our afternoon (after a big rest for Mommy) by Carl coming to get us. He had to wait while we bundled everyone, especially the baby, up for the trek outdoors. Yes this is Halloween in Canada, where your costume must fit over your winter coat. Emma had on her woolly tights, two pairs of socks, a turtleneck, a polar fleece pullover with hood, and polar fleece pants. Then I put on her red tellytubby suit and tellytubby shoes. Over that went her coat, unzipped. And mitts. 🙂
then with a bit of finagling, Carl dumped us at the local radio station where they were having some events. So it was a little less than I expected and they didn’t have at least one thing the ad in the paper said they did, but hey, it was Halloween and *everyone* was handing out free treats so there. Carl had left me with my mother’s car, so we made out way back to her place, with stops at the library and a friend’s house on the way/. The friends gave Addison a CD for his birthday. 🙂 She said she was cleaning out her collection.
By the time we got to Mom’s place, Ron was there and supper was being made. We were energized, so we decided to work her neighbourhood before we ate. Hey, we lived in this area for a couple months last year, so we knew people.
The first house we went to, they took pictures. Heh. By the time we got to the fourth or fifth house, I had to go back and empty Emma’ little Monsters Inc bucket, as it was full. After that, one of the houses we went to gave Emma a large treat bag with a little bit of treats, so we filled that up too.
The kids had big bags, of course. Word has it that one of Sarah’s friend brought home a pillowcase and a half of loot. We only went around the block, and not to every house as it was suppertime, so some people weren’t even home yet.
Emma was a doll, of course. By the end of it, all we had to do was open the screen door and she would bang on it. “Treeeeeeet!” she’d holler, and say thank you when she got it. Some places she was happy to just say Hi and start to leave if they took too long. One house she made it practically in to their living room. “Can I have my baby back please?”
She was so excited to get back to Mam’s. We knocked on her door too. She gave the kids special treat bags she’d done up. Then we had supper and birthday cake. (Happy Birthday Addison!)
I noticed when we were leaving that Emma had a special treat (or trick maybe) for me in her diaper. Whee! I got her all ready to go again, and she didn’t want to put her costume back on, so we nixed that idea. The girls didn’t mind as they had lots of treats to keep them happy. Addison has his nose buried in a gaming magazine, so who knows what he’s thinking.
I have no idea how many kids came to our doors while we were gone, but I don; think it was much. I left a bowl of treats (not too many) and it didn’t look like it was touched. After we got home, only four kids came to the door, none of them I recognized.
I wanted to go around to four houses near me, but Emma wasn’t up for it. Maybe tomorrow, just so they can see how cute she was. Maybe I’ll bring them a piece of birthday cake or two, since we’ll have a whole ‘nuther cake, it being Meaghan’s birthday and all. 🙂
Tomorrow I’ll send in a bucket of leftover chocolate bars and the candy (gum, caramels) Emma can’t eat. Lord knows I don’t need to eat it.

And Halloween journal entry….

Happy Birthday Addison!

happy Halloween everyone else! 🙂

I’m all back and rested from my colposcopy dealie this morning.. I wrote a long one to the notify list and others, so if you want the details and didn’t get them, just drop me a line.

And if you were one of the ones who got the details three times… Heh. I’ll share my chocolate with you to make it up, ‘kay?

New journal entry. Busy busy!

I’m trying to get back

I’m trying to get back in the habit of updating more frequently, so here I am again with all my ramblings.

We woke bright and early, and drove Ron to work, since I had to take Sarah to the dentist. I also took Emma with me and the other two stayed home. My kids have never been to a dentist, mostly because I really couldn’t stand them, we lived so far from town and I didn’t drive when they were the age they needed to start going, and we also couldn’t afford it. No dental insurance. 🙁

Now before you go thinking my kids have barely a good tooth left in their head, I will say they have done quite nicely. A little cramped, but not too bad. Sarah was the one with the most problems, so that’s why she had an appointment today. Ron also needs immediate work done, so his appointment is tomorrow. I didn’t make any for the rest of us to give our pocketbooks a little rest.

I filled out a form and settled in to wait with Emma in the luxurious waiting room. Their kid’s corner had all kinds of books, mostly about the dentist, but a few Caillou books and a Sandra Boyton one. I love her stuff. They also had a big puppet with a set of teeth (for brushing demonstrations I guess) and a tv with tape player and a nice selection of video tapes. Emma wanted to watch them all, since she recognized the character on each. “ca-yooo! Pooh! Tee-tee!” We had some herbal tea from my travel mug. We watched people come and go. We watched parts of two videos. We looked at countless books. We watched the fake fish in the bubble lamp on the wall. She crawled up on my lap a few times for a cuddle, and eventually asked fro num-nums. “Peeese num nums, mommy?” I asked her to wait, as people were watching her, and I said Sarah would be done soon. She was asking for Sarah too. She didn’t ask for num nums again, and I would have given her some by that time, but the assistant came out and we could go see Sarah.

She was smiling, so I needn’t have worried about her mouth hurting after that cleaning. She needed a clean bad. We went over her cool full frontal x-ray and it showed one thing I didn’t know about and that was a partially impacted eyetooth. Taking the baby tooth on top of it, and the one behind it, may help to bring it up, but he did say it was better to wait and see rather than slap on braces. I was *really* relieved. I had braces and hated them.

She has two molars that need fillings, and she has one baby tooth that broke when the other tooth came down, and fragments of baby tooth are stuck n her gum so they need to be removed. That was less than i thought, which was good. Sarah got a toothbrush and floss, plus a pencil that says, “It’s tough being the princess.” How apt! Just because Emma was adorable, they gave her a Pooh toothbrush.

After we were home an hour, I went next door and got my hair cut finally. A little shorter than last time, and it looks just like I want it too. I had less money than I thought and had to bum some from the kids.

After lunch and giving the van back to Ron, I decided to bake. I cooked up the peanut butter cookie dough that was in the fridge, and used the remaining two pie crusts my grandmother left to make an apple pie. I started to whip up a banana bread, but realized I didn’t have any eggs. We headed out the door to our neighbour’s house to borrow a couple of eggs. She had only one, so we went to another neighbour we hadn’t seen in a bit, and she gave us the three she had left, plus some chocolates and a sample of some absolutely delicious squares she made. Emma kept calling her Nanny, it was so cute! After that, I finished up my baking. It was a blustery day, so Emma immediately fell asleep on the recliner, all by herself. Nothing like a chilly fall walk to get the critters asleep.

And just now the doctor’s office called to aks if they could do that colposcopy at 8am *this* Thursday! Ack! I’m more concerned about the organizing everyone else than I am about myself. It looks like my sainted mother will sit with my bleary-eyed children so I won’t have to worry about them. Phew! The rest of the day will be busy enough as it is.

Seeing as it’s Halloween, and Addison’s birthday and grocery day and the day before Meaghan’s birthday and i was taking the kids to three places that evening… More on those plans later. 🙂 I gotta go make some birthday cakes a little early!