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Dear wife, When I told

Dear wife,
When I told you about the size of the scale model of our house made out of gingerbread you were sitting in front of the computer. Before I got to the point of baking, we did discuss and measure the 12×15 baking stone to see if the model would fit, which it did. I thought that if I piled all the baking supplies together on the counter and put all the dirty dishes in the sink then I had cleaned up. I suppose next time I’ll have to keep track of where I get everything so I can put it back when I’m done. I do hope that the egg shells don’t go back in the fridge, though.

I defend the size of the gingerbread house on the principle that the children didn’t want to each do their own and there must be room for everyone to have a decent go at decorating. As compensation for the misunderstanding above, I have decided to forgo the detached carriage house for this year. As it is, I still haven’t managed to track down the architect’s plans for it anyway. I will have to save that for next year’s project.

In being prepared for six students to arrive, you must have been pleased to be overly prepared for the five that did come. I am pleased to report that they appreciated your cooking (as we all do). I am hoping that I don’t have to share you, though. If I could make a request, I would ask that you prepare to do it again for the next two weeks. Six students should be the most to expect on either week. And for a finally, could you gear up for an open house for the first year students on some yet to be determined evening of three weeks from now. There should be, at most, 30 students that evening.

Thank you for pencilling me in. I neglected to add the appointment to my day-timer. Therefore, can we reschedule at your earliest convenience. I have noted that Emma is feeling better today and is not quite the cling-on that she has been for the last few days. I should have some time to schedule you in on the weekend of Dec 6-8. I expect I will have seen my way through the cold we have managed to get Emma through.

In closing, I have taken the liberty of posting this to your journal. This way I will be sure that you will see it before the approaching weekend mentioned above. Until then, if you do not see me, the first place you should look for me is in bed trying to sleep off the previously mentioned cold.
As always, your attentive husband,


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