I installed a photo gallery thingy, and put in four pics to hold you over. All photos were taken by Carl.

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Busy busy

Terribly busy day today, getting ready for the Open House party tomorrow afternoon. That’s from 2-4, feel free to drop by. 😉

I’ll have to tinker with this website after that, sorry. 🙁 I know I still have to write about Christmas. You love me anyways, right?

Not your average news

This is my favorite spot for news and a bit of a laugh.


You can get your own demo version ofBejeweled here.
Although you have been warned… you can also play it over at Yahoo games.

Who has time?

Who has time to post, with our busy schedules? I envisioned a post Christmas holiday spent in my quilt room, finishing Ron and Andrea’s Around the World quilt. Now that I’m the proud owner of a quilting frame, thanks Andrea! But noooooo………….thanks to my lovely granddaughter Sarah, most of my spare time is spent playing Bejewelled. Sarah showed us the on line game, and the gaming gods were against us when Addison found the game C-D in his stocking. Carl installed it on both the home computer and the lab top. Now no matter where he is working in the world, we can stay connected with Bejewelled. Nothing says I love you like getting an email that states “I got to level 7, how did you do loser?”


Yesterday was mar’s birthday, and today is Aimee’s. Happy Birthday gals!