I’m in the middle of getting ready for our party tomorrow, which is coming along swimmingly. (read: the kids are doing a fine job while I sit here) I only have a vague idea of how many people will be here.

I am also looking forward to visiting the rest of my family in the next couple of days, then I can come home and take down all the decorations! Whee! I’m delaying getting back into school so we can “Clean Sweep” some of our rooms and re-organize some school stuff.

Yeah, I have to do that a lot.

Women in NB

You can sign up here for a weekly newsletter from The New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women.

If you are outside of NB, use Google to find a women’s issues group in your province or state.

and on raising capitalist consumers

On raising Christian babies

Be on the lookout for farmers

Oh no! Addison has an almanac under his bed! What should I do?

old updates

If you check out the archives, you can read 1 entry from ’98, and the whole of 1999. Just five months, so you can pass a few pleasant moments. 😉