Groundhog day!

Just got a reminder from Carl that Sunday is that most sacred of holidays, groudhog Day. Here’s some links he sent me:
punxsutawney phil
all about the day
even more
still more info
See? We are not alone!

We will celebrate by eating sausage. (get it? ground hog? HA!)

reading is important

So, before I leave you for the weekend, and before I spiral down into the poor-me-i-did-nothing-all-week syndrome (heh, just kidding! and is is my own fault for distracting myself), let me tell you what I signed up for.
Actually, I did this a couple of weeks ago. I tracked down the number for the Literacy Council, not the number to call if I couldn’t read. (Aside: if I can’t read, how can I call this number?) I gave the lady my name, answered her questions, asked what kind of methods they used, offered info as to how qualified I am (it wouldn’t have mattered if I wasn’t) and now I have to wait.
Why you ask? Because their isn’t enough volunteers to do the training, probably because of cost. So I’m siting here waiting to help someone learn how to read, darn it, while the wheels of beaurocracy spin as slow as ever.
I mean, reading is so important! If you couldn’t read, you wouldn’t be getting my wit at all would you?

Smart Baby!

Emma was freaking out the old ladies at the mall yesterday, and some of the other people too.
One lady looked at her and said, “They’re so cute when they are walking that young.” I didn’t have the heart to say she *was* two after all.
We were in a long line at the dollar store. They were out of carts. I was holding Emma and the assorted things I was buying her. Educational things! Except for that pony… Anyway, I had in one hand, held just so she could see it perfect, a wooden puzzle of the alphabet. To bide our time, I asked her if she could find letters she knows. She was naming out letters and colors, and the lady in front of me, watching with her eyes bugging out, tentativley asked how old she was. I’m gonna make Emma a sign, I swear. When I told her she was two, the lady dropped her jaw, shook her head, and said my she sure was smart, wasn’t she.
Yep, she is! :biggrin
And it is our family “thing” to not give her a complex by saying “good girl!” We say smart girl instead. Because she deserves to know she is smart.
The lady behind us also commented, and I said we worked with her lots at home.
DUH! What else am I gonna do all day with her? :smile But I was polite.


Hubby brought home flowers for me at lunchtime, for no reason. :biggrin

old archives

Does anyone go through archives of blogs? What about journals? I’m running out of space already, and the blog archives are kinda big (not to mention all the pictures). opinions, please, and for the curious, or whoever wants to catch up, my *old* journal archives, all the way back to 1999, are located here. But it starts with 2001, scroll down the page. :smile
You can see what a doofus I was, and how far my web page skills have come.


Carl sent me this picture that he found, from May 1999, when my uncle Timmy got married…