blog surfin

does anyone else surf their list of blogs in two windows at a time?


I’m posting from my mom’s house.. ever cool. (yes I am a tool, shuddup.)

Looking thru her faves folder, I see tons of quilting links. Oh wait.. I have most of these. ANyway. As you were.

(I’m bored. It shows.)

another entry

I made a blog post that was getting so long, I put it in the journal instead.

Off to fold laundry, change a diaper, and drag a couple of teens from their comfy warm beds. (why is my time posted still an hour behind?)

another day

So I went out and got an wrist brace, finally, which is working wonders. Part of the problem (I do NOT have in Internet problem! ) is the height of my desk and the laptop on it. Hard for me to type comfortably, and my arm rest on the hard edge of the laptop. Not good.
Anyway. Meaghan had her follow-up at the dentist, who said she looks great, took out the rest of the stitches, told us both to brush those back teeth way better, and said see us in February. Whee! Now I have three more people in the house that need to finish up there.

Oh yeah, and me. Humph.

Emma didn’t want to leave the dentist, who was extremely fast this time. I didn’t even finish my magazine, and Emma had only watched one video. But we’re bigger than her, so we just picked her up and left. I went to the mall and got my afore-mentioned wrist brace from the drugstore.

And then I hit the shoe store. Oooo baby! Lots of shoes on clearance and a buy-one-get-one-half-off sale. That’s one PAIR, not one shoe. Ha! I must have some mutant gene on my extra X chromosome, because I only own as many shoes as I can count on one hand. Including my new ones. I got a pair of white slide on sneakers (cool – and lazy!) and a pair of slip-on mocs or something like that with elastic detailing on the upper, in a nice natural leather color. The look like driving shoes, really. Super comfy.

So I tried on all these pairs of leather-color shoes trying to find a casually dressy pair for times I go shopping and don’t want to wear sneakers, or my black “winter” shoes don’t go. I told the saleslady that, really, I am not a fashion tool, I just needed a little advice.

Sarah and Meaghan worked overtime keeping Emma happy looking at the SpongeBob stuff. Yes dear, I do want to buy you one of everything, but I don’t have the money. Thankfully, they had stickers there they were more than willing to give to us so we could leave without Emma screaming. She had already run all over the store sans boots AND socks.

So. I went to the Home Show Friday night with my honey, and the people over here do a newsletter called Bread & Molasses and are looking for submissions. I’ve been thinking of writing articles for magazines & stuff anyway. I said I could do funny, and they’d like that. Forgot to give them my name. Why? Because I really am a tool! (I also asked the notfy list to suggest a few things. Thanks guys!) They have my email, and I’m sure she remembers me.

Actually, I talked to a few people at a few booths trying to find information, and plenty of people found me so amusing, I had to ask Ron if I was being incredibly stupid or something. He barely managed to convince me I was just being my cute ADD self that evening.

Speaking of Ron, I can’t remember if I mentioned that the college is putting him through some univeristy course so he will have a certificate to teach Adult Education. (and he’s already doing it! Oh the irony!) Anyway, he wil have to run to Freddy town for three weeks this summer, and using our only vehicle, aside from it being a huge van for one person, would leave me with no wheels with which to – oh I dunno – transport bored children in case of an emergency or something.

So he got a motercycle.

Actually, it is a nice motercycle (not a bike, a Harley is a Bike, they tell me) and he did have one when I met him. I’ve been on the back of one once. Maybe twice. He loves them! I am alternately torn between worrying about his safety, and wondering how he’ll look in leather chaps. Plus I’ll have the van every day in the summer! Whee! We’re back to two vehicles!

I have a couple of irons in the fire too. Aside from that article above, which I think I will send a few old ones, plus do a new one about yard sales (wait ’till you hear THIS), I’ve also been “helping” people make their own patterns. I want to do a section here on the site, but with the whole wrist thing not working, it’s been awful hard to type.

And it’s been really nice outside. Spring is here! Green stuff is growing! Whee!

another owie

did something to my arm (use the computer much? me?) so it acted up all weekend. Feel like carpel tunnel and tennis elbow all at once. I tried to rest it a little and then go on like normal, but no go. 🙁 and I have a busy day today (dentist for meaghan) so I may be scarce.

Or I may just want to hurt myself and type up emails. 😉 had to not use it hardly at all yesterday, and no computer either. was rough. am using the mouse on the “wrong” side. 🙂

It’s that time of year again

Yard sale season has un-officially started again. I didn’t mean to go, honest.

Well, okay, I *did* mean to go to a couple, but went to a different one instead. And the fabric store. Where they had patterns for $1. (shh… I got 11)

Today deals were a ravioli attachment for my pasta maker (a whopping $8. new is $25,), a scrabble dice game (like boggle, 50 cents) and a yahtzee sentence game ($1). My mom got a big bag of fabric. We walked there from her house and it was uphill all the way home, pushing the stroller with Emma and all that stuff in it.

Saved gas money and burned calories though.