It was the best and worst of times, like a novel. Only different.

So just when I was trying to tell myself I was spendingfar too much time online, the computer up & dies on me.

Actually, it just crashed, but certain prgrams were open and certain files got corrupted necessitating some fancy re-dos of things. The short of it is, the only thing I lost was my mail. Again. And in one of those told-ya-so moments, I had just got done thinking to myself “You know, you should move those emails with passwords to someplace safe, like your yahoo account.” Then they went *poof*.

Oh, it was hard, but I figured I would be able to get along for a couple of days. Maybe just barely. It would be good for myself, I said. (to myself of course) I wasn’t in a book reading mood, even with a stack from the library. I set myself to tasks I had previously ignored or shuffled to the recess of my brain for “another day”.

Clean? Aw heck, who wants to clean?

I gardened. I had $87 worth of mostly perrenials to relocate and spruce up my yard with. And spruce up I did! The front planter looks fabulous and as soon as I get a picture, I’ll let you know. I also figured out what all the little gardening tools I had did. I attacked a patch of dandelions on my front lawn with a vigour normally channeled into on-line chats. I didn’t mutter to myself, as that would have really set off the passer-bys. I did do a fair representation of those wood cut outs of a large behind bent over in the garden.

I shopped. Oh Lordy, did I shop. Mostly groceries, healthy things for the newly vegetarian in our household. No red meat either. I still had a lot in the freezer from last week’s sale. No treats, no fatty chips, but I still managed to blow a startling amount of cash. (or debit, whatever)

I cleaned out the returnable bottles from the basement and got enough nickels to rent some movies for the evening.

We stopped at the pet store to get some medicine for our sick fishes, including the two we recently purchased from said pet store.

Okay, I cleaned too. I even cleaned the fish tank. I bought a swiffer knock off at the dollar store. I had to use my own broom handle, but the plastic thingy on the end was only a dollar, and ten cloths were another dollar. I discovered my newly swept floors weren’t actually clean, and I also discovered dust in places I thought it was impossible to cling to. I had thoughts about getting down on my hands and knees to clean the floor and the cracks in it with a toothbrush, but figured I really must be going mental from lack of net access.

It was even starting to affect the children. Emma wanted to play Elmo or Candyland, Sarah wanted to see if she could find any place that would send her free lip gloss and Addison had lost contact with his buddies, but somehow we managed. We even listened to the radio for the weather.

And then the cable went out.

It was a good thing we were through our six months of winter. We had suddenly been hurled into summer, complete with a wading pool in the yard. We even dug out our dusty board games. I resorted to making notes in my daytimer about things I did and stuff I wanted to mention to Ron. A couple of times it seemed like I had nothing to talk about. After all, I was outside most of the day, and had little contact with – well, with the online crew I normally keep tabs on. Most of the stuff going on here Ron was privy to as well, so we could hardly re-hash events we were both present for.

Well, we did anyway, but that only takes up so much time. the cable was out for one day while they did maintenance, and we managed with our large stack of videotapes. The yard looks nice, the house looks … well, no worse than usual, and some of our junk is gone for good. I didn’t actually sew any, which surprised me. We put together a new computer which isn’t quite ready. I cleaned my desk. I twiddled my thumbs a lot, and stoped just short of writing entries on paper. I was compiling a large enough list of things to do on the computer, thank you.

I despaired over all the stuff I was missing online, all the people who missed me. Finally, last night Ron asked me over and sat me down and said those magic words – “Go check your email!”

And when you weeded out the spam, the mailing lists, the automated stuff, there was hardly any. When I managed to find my blogroll again (and remember the username/password) and limp through most of it, I hardly missed much at all.

I’m not sure what to think about that.

It’s aliiive!

And I am back! Gotta do some more maintenance and stuff, and I’ll get to the little mail I did get in a while. Probably tomorrow.

Was an interesting few days, lemme tell ya.

trouble in gotham

Guess where I am? Go on, guess! I’m at the library and you know why? Because our laptop is just about toast! Since sometime yesterday afternoon…

Anyway, the man may be able to fix some of it. We have two drives and keep almost all of it on D, and C has Windows which needs a reformat. Pbbttt… But the man also needs to work and go to class, so it may be the weekend before you see much of me online. Drat. You’re gonna have to either wait to send me stuff (or send it to my yahoo mail so it doesn’t clog up my regular email), leave me lots of comments, or gasp~ use the phone to call me!!! Oh the horrors!

Gotto go – library is not safe for wandering children!!!

it’s getting hot in here…

You know the song, just sing along! It was so hot yesterday, and like a fool I opened the windows and stuff to warm up the house. Bad idea as we had to sleep with it almost 80 in here. Add that to the fact that the trees are fianlly spreading leaves and yep, you guessed it, POLLEN everywhere and that makes for a very uncomfortable night.
My house is a mess, it still hadn;t recovered from the weekend. So THAT is what I will be doing today. *sigh*

(haven’t tried flying in a while. need to use it to whip this place into shape today!)

radical homeschoolers

I finally made my first post(s) over at the Radical Homeschool Blog.


why why why?

Why is it that I have a hundred million other things I should be doing, want to be doing, but instead manage to waste a good two hours surfing???

The net is a bad bad thing for those with ADD. *sigh*