homeschooling blogs webring

So I finally broke down and set one up. Sign up page is here. You know the drill, tell all your friends.

Who wants to make a nice shiny graphic? And my apologies for the default setting and plainess of it all. I just whipped it up.

(and if there is an *active* webring already set up like this, my apologies, for I have not seen it. I’m filling a need.)

totally accurate quiz

Rosanne Connor: You are Roseanne Connor from
Roseanne. You’ve probably got a sarcastic
streak, and you may take some pleasure in
embarrassing your brood. But ultimately, your
kids know that when they really, really, really
need to talk about something, you will
listen…eventually. Truth is, you tend to see
things from their points of view; you just
don’t like to let them in on that until
necessary. That’s your little secret. And while
it may not be your style (or fit your schedule)
to compulsively whip up a batch of chocolate
chip cookies, if your kids want to microwave
some popcorn and watch TV with you, there’s
always room on the couch, and even on your lap

Which TV Mom are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I need help, in all kinds of ways

Quickly, now –

– phone company is working on lines outside, our power went out, but the laptop has a full battery. I’m done blog surfing, but will it last long enough to post?
– company coming this weekend and house isn’t clean. Can’t do too far in advance or it will be dirty again.
– didn’t write journal entry, now I have at least two in my head because…


Pray for me, please…


I have a couple of books here, first one to comment gets whichever one they want. Yes, I will mail it to you. 😉

1. – Living The Dream, by Michael Seidman a book on writing fiction and how to get published.

2. Return Journey, by Maeve Binchey, in hardcover. A collection of short stories, and I couldn’t find it on OR .ca . Go figure. Oh wait, would help if I spelled her name right. Here.

make your own movie

Go to the to find out. Here’s my own box-office smash. 🙂

(edited to fix link. sigh.)


Yeah, I know.. I thought I’d be able to post something soon, but alas, on Ron’s first day back to work he find his ofice in shambles from renovations. So it seems he will attempt to work from home. Whoo hoo!

But it also means he needs to computer. Hmph. And I still haven’t unpacked all our camping stuff, and did I mention I am having company this weekend? My 87 year old grandfather and my aunt, both of whom have never seen my house.

And my Mom’s birthday is this week. It’s the big 5-0, so email me if you want to send her a card, will ya?