So I’m-a gettin’ a new digital camera!

I have to decide between Olympus D-390 2MP Digital Camera and the HP 320 Photosmart 2.1MP Digital Camera. Can anyone offer any suggestions, preferences or tips on either one?

yard sale report

Ooops, forgot to mention I was having a yard sale this morning. Mostly craft stuff that has been sitting in a very large pile in the dining room. This is the first weekend in a month or so that I’ve been up for it, or it hasn’t been raining.

Total haul was $83 and change. On top of that, Sarah made $5 and Meaghan $3.

I’m not hanging on to these bags and bags of clothes any more, and I already dropped off three bags to the consignment store, which is so full they won’t hit the shelves for a couple of months. So off to the Sally Ann they go. Two boxes of books for the library too!

Next week I think I’ll have another, but put up “craft sale” signs and maybe start on Friday.

Oh, and I’m on level FIVE of TR1. Yeah yeah yeah, I’m working on that whole vacation journal entry in my head. 😉

What a couple we are…

We all know how I am ADD, right? Well it seems Ron may have figured out what could possibly account for some of his own quirks. Seems he may be dyslexic!

And this might be why, somewhere in the wilds of PEI, I was know to utter the following:
“You know why couples scream at each other on the Amazing Race? Because they have stupid maps like THIS ONE!”

It may not have been *just* the map.

another early morning quiz

LOVE is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You?
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So the grocery store had a bargain bin of books, and I found two, the Geography and History ones listed here. They are really cool books with four section that flip, so you can make endless combinations of pages, and they even relate in different ways! The big bonus? I paid $6 each for ’em.

I got some book deals on vacation as well, so more on that later.

(Tomb Raider 1 level count is up to 3!)

arr arr me hearties

“Captain Anne Flint – Even though there’s no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you’re the one in charge. Like the rock flint, you’re hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you’re easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!”

Get yer own Pirate name!