play with your food

Fun & odd things to do with hot dogs. Yum. (in Japanese even!)

Stop the presses!

A new study shows that sugary drinks helps get kids fat!!

Who knew?

It feels like Monday

It does, it really does.

I chunked Sarah’s hair again last night. I guess the last time was in February and I’m too lazy to look up the link. I figured we should touch up the roots first and then do the ends, but I guess that was a bad idea. It wound up a little splotchy. Now I have to call them to see what I can do to fix it without burning the hair off her head.

Actually, it looks pretty neat. Like a light is shining on her head at all times. She wants it fixed though. I didn’t use the stupic cap that came with it, as her hair tangels when I pull it thru the holes. Also, we wanted to do large chunks in the front, and the cap sorta covers some of the roots. Can you beleive she still had plenty of blonde showing? (with 4″ roots) Pretty good for something that is supposed to wear off in a couple months.

Well I wondered…

What rating is your journal?

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Maybe it was all them gyno visits I talked about. 😉

Happy Canada Day!

Emma would like to mention that “Fiwe fwies go BOOM!” (fire works go boom)