weird news

A “working girl” has started offering breast milk to clients. I think the whole thing is hysterically ridiculous. Read the story here.

2 things

What I have noticed is that most of the time I am not really talking about dyslexic things. Andrea and I often discussed a he said/she said site because we could be amusing and thought provoking at the same time. I guess in a way we are sorta doing that now but the posts aren’t together.

Today, we were talking about things people say on the internet. Not that I have gone and read most of them, but Andrea has often told me of nasty comments and or posts on the internet. My thought on this is as follows. Somewhere in the conversation Andrea mentioned ‘speaking your mind’. In fact, I don’t have a problem with that. It is something I often do (just ask Andrea). It’s something that we all ought to do.

However, the sense I get is that some people feel that the internet is an opportunity to say things to people they have never met that they would never say in person to someone that they knew. It is as though the person on the internet is less important, less valuable, less real. I don’t think so.

Whether or not you believe in the value of every individual, some day you may have to depend on that individual for your life. One day they may become your next door neighbour. Or even worse, that person’s life is depending on encouragement from their last resort, internet land.

I firmly believe that the only reason that Andrea and I are still together is that early on we learned to tell each other what was on our mind. But at the same time, over the years, we have learned how to do that without being hurtful to one another.

In my spring night course, (via conference call) our local group had arrived at the definition of an adult as being someone who was responsible for their own activities. So, if I say what ever I want to people who are so removed from me that I have no fear of the repercussions of what I say, then do I even have to bother with being adult (responsible) about it?

Second thing. See I promised 2 things. Today, I had an embarassing moment. It seems there wasn’t as much room left on the credit card as I had thought. See, I was supposed to pay the bill last night and I didn’t. Now, when I was doing the math before I left the house, I thought I had room on it for what I was going to get. There were 2 things that I had forgotten had gone on the card. And I had transposed in memory the amount of 1 item I had remembered had gone one the card.

Don’t panic, I have already paid the bill I was supposed to pay last night. When I think about this, there are a few contributing factors. First, the last year is the first time that we have had a paycheck every 2 weeks. While I was consulting I did our payroll once a month. Even though the bank account got topped up less frequently that way, it was alot easier to keep track of because I could look at the calendar and know which bills had come out since the last pay.

Second, when we lived in Wirral, normally I did all the banking. Here, my pay is direct deposited, so I don’t see the balance after the deposit unless I remember to look (most of the time I don’t).

Third, we are now in the middle of town and the number of times in which either of us use the debit card to purchase things has gone way up. So, that sense of the current balance is lost. (although that doesn’t directly contribute to the current thing with the card).

Fourth, we have very convenient banking. It is so easy to use or forget to use the stuff or procrastinate. Anyway, I suspect Andrea and I are going to attempt to put together a system of some kind to help us ‘do better’.

Homeschooling Blogs ring

The fabulous Meg made some great buttons for the ring. Save to your own server, blah blah blah…

Aren’t they *cute*?

and here I am again

Sometimes I think the title should be “Things I haven’t done yet” but then you’d have nothing new to read, and an increasingly longer list.

Today the man (that would be Ron) is off to the dentist, and as he has sensitive teeth, is off for the rest of the day. I’ll be taking care of him, naturally. But, since you come here for funny sometimes, I will leave you with some commentary from last night’s MTV Awards:

When Beyonce won her first award, the first words out of her mouth were “Oh my god!” as she collected her thoughts. Meaghan filled in for her. “Oh my God! I’m wearing Big Rhonda’s clothes!”

On seeing Christina Aguilera going down the red carpet in that pink thing, Sarah remarks, “Look Mom, Christina is wearing *clothes*!” I replied, “Yeah, too bad flamingos had to die.”

That opening number, with Madonna and Britney and Christina? *yawn* They should give up trying to act and stick to dancing and singing. Oh wait? That was dancing? It was much more fun watching Justin watching them.

Chris Rock should get a special reward for being able to say, and get away with, what is on everyone else’s mind. And still be alive.

not much today

I arrived home from work just before 10 tonight so I don’t have alot of news tonight.

Emma was crawling over Mom on the couch to cuddle in beside me and said, “I missed you.” I think they are the words that tear at the heart of most every parent. And the thing is we already know that anyway. She has been telling me that without those words every time I work late. She doesn’t know that she will get to see me extra tomorrow because I worked tonight.

I slipped over to the exhibition while Andrea was there (I can walk from work). I went around to see how I did on all my entries and then looked at entries in other categories that I could have submitted. I almost paid for the whole family going for the day with the prize money. Alternatively, I almost paid for the order of supplies that arrived yesterday.

It sounds like I picked up another course to teach this fall. It was sounding like 1 1/2 at about suppertime. It is one that I’ll enjoy teaching though (another programming course). There are just some schedule changes that will have to be made.

busy busy

This afternoon we are off the the Exhibition. It’s like a county fair. So no time to tweak the layout today, sorry. (shoot, and I have comments to answer…)

I must say, I love my husband. (sappy, sick people we are) And I love that he blogs now. He is my calm in the storm, even if he did leave a basket of clean unfolded laundry at the end of the bed as some sort of convoluted hint that maybe I should fold it and put it away.

Aw hecj, the stuff on my mind from yesterday I am posting anyway. I’ll be gone all afternoon, so let the chips fall where they may.