poor baby

Keep forgetting to mention Ron won’t be posting for a bit as he is sick as a dawg. He’s only being a little bit of a baby about it, not too much like a “typical man”. 😀 I think the cold is trying to get a couple more of us too.

groceries again

I bet you though I’d forgotten last Thursday, didn’t you? Nope, I got busy. THEN I forgot. That and the fact I spent $205 didn’t make me rush to post about it. But a lot of that was non-grocery items, like a magazine for me and a book for Emma. $15 but it wasn’t a food reward. I did get a teensy bit of convenience food, mostly because Addison was starting to suffer. We also ran out of some baking goods, and if you didn’t realize how much that stuff costs, then.. well, look for yourself next time you go grocery shopping!

The point, though, remains the same. To not buy useless stuff all the freaking time. A high grocery bill once a month is pretty understandable. Next week I’ll make sure to post a low one, just to show you!

Counting off WW points is pretty interesting. There’s lots of things, like those low-fat muffins I bought, that are actually high in points. 6! I can have a bowl of mini wheats with skim milk for less than that! Eeek! Fessing up here, I also bought 4 Michelina’s dinners for myself. What? They were only $2 each. Not a lot of food in them, but my stomach must be shrinking. I figured out the points on each of them and wrote it on the box in permanent marker for the days when I don’t want (or don’t have time to) to think about it.

Thinking and figuring out points is the hard part.

note to self

Don’t put off your walk. No matter how sucky you feel when you drag your behind out of bed, a walk will make it feel better. Honest! But skip a day because of a little rain, and you will feel it the next day, I promise. You can find batteries anywhere for the cd player, even in the remote. Heck, the baby won’t want the channel changed while you’re gone anyway. Do it first thing (get dressed please!) and don’t forget your water. You can have a cup of tea before you leave, but reading email and web browsing might be pushing it.

You know, I’ve always rolled my eyes at people who say they felt better and more energized after excercise. The really annoying part is that they are right.


I read Open Season by Linda Howard over the weekend. I heartily enjoyed it and laughed out loud in a couple of places. I started it Saturday night and finished it late yesterday, if that says anything.

It’s a blustery day

So Hurricane Juan blew through here last night. I woke around 3 am to the sound of hard rain pelting our steel roof. We’re too far north for it to have done much more than heavy rain and some wind, but where it landed, others were not as fortunate.

We don’t often get hurricanes here. They usually come aground much further south, somewhere in the States. So it was interesting. Addison would like to correct me (over my shoulder) by saying we do, in fact, get one every few years. *rolls eyes* He thinks I make it sound like it’s every couple hundered years.

Anyway, so I missed my walk this morning, and I was late rolling out of bed. What is up with Emma wanting to sleep cuddled right next to and half on me? I will get my writing groove on later. Right now my head is much too crowded.

Quick one

Still working away at lots of different stuff tonight. I thought of getting into the whole teenage pregnancy thing but I decided to wait until Andrea had a chance at it.

I had a couple replies to my posts last night that I answered earlier tonight. Hopefully, I will get my essay done this weekend and have a week where I don’t have to check on it. I have done pretty well at picking out some things that I could work on at night. I don’t work too late. What it does for me though is to some extent relieve the concern of how many outstanding things are on my list.

I forgot to bring home a memo from work. Otherwise, I would be having a rant about it here. Probably will do that sometime next week. It was one of those what was this individual thinking when they wrote it. Maybe, if I write a long enough memo the people reading it won’t notice that most of it has nothing to do with the subject of the memo. And more than half of what was described policies that have been in place for years that the students are told about in their orientation.

What the individual who wrote it doesn’t quite understand is that when instructors are asked to pass information in a memo on to students, the normal procedure is to print out a few copies of the memo and post them in the rooms where we teach. And I’m reasonably sure that the individual who wrote it would not want it posted all over the school. And I am not about it insult the intelligence of my students by passing on the parts of the memo which were written for them. Well, guess I did get at least part of my rant in after all.