on the radio

I got it taped! I figure people listening will think one of two things:

1) I know myself and my family well enough to find what works best and am really knowlegeable and laid back,

or 2) I am the biggest flakiest dork ever.

Skipping out *again*…

homeschooling newsletter

Yes, folks, I actually whipped a a real-live printed newsletter on homeschooling! Not much “new” content for the on-line world, (ADD & the homeschooling Mom, and Homeschooling Babies & Toddlers) but if you know someone around here who would like a copy, just let me know how many you need. 🙂

Edited to add: Here it is! Right click, save as.. and pass around.

Covering all my bases see…
Busy day again today, gotta go!

an interesting evening


Last night I went to the gym as usual, and since I managed to work my way around the room without my little guidebook, I was planning on posting my routine. Sorta for the record and your impressed amusement.

I drove back home still in a good mood, even if my weight has plateaud and the stairmaster is a killer, and as I pulled in the driveway, noticed that the streetlight was out *again* and someone had turned off the outside light. Even the kitchen light was out. Huh, I thought to myself, maybe Ron is channeling his father again and insisting any unused lights need to be turned off.

I get in the house, and the first kid I see is holding a candle. As everyone else starts floating towards the door, Emma saying, “Mommy! You’re back! It’s dark!” and Ron is telling me to turn around and go back out the door. The power is out and we’re going to my mom’s.

Heck, by this time it is after 8:30, I hoped she was still awake. My head was swiveling around trying to figure stuff out, because hey, I just got there. Our house was out, so was the house across from us with the old couple. And that was it. Actually, the people to our other side may have been out, but they go to Florida every winter so it was hard to tell.

Mom was happy to see us, and promptly broke out the movies and popcorn for the kids. She’s adaptable, see. Ron headed straight for the phone to call the power company and they were already on their way. Ron & I decided this was a good time for us to buy a plain regular phone that didn’t need to be plugged in to operate, not like the two we had at our house. Mom shooed us away, assuring us everyone was fine and we could go to the store, then wait at our house (in the cold and dark) and watch them fix the power.

When I climbed into the van next to Ron, I turned to him and said, “You know, this was a lot of trouble for you to go to just so we could have a date night.”

We bought a phone, and when we got back to our house the truck was there at the pole and some guy had the pylons out and the lights were flashing. Eventually another guy showed up. We called him the guy who needs to watch and call the ambulance if needed.

Ron and I had just settled in for the long haul and BINGO the lights came back on without a flicker. We had to wait for Buddy in the truck (and the other guy and his smaller truck) to leave because they were blocking the way out of our driveway too.

Of ocurse Emma didn’t want to leave! She had managed to clean my mom’s countertop in the kitchen, was washing the sink when I got there, had all the couch pillows in a large container, the toys and newspapers were spread all over the living room, and my Mom was sprawled on the couch watching the end of Nemo. “You better make her clean up before she goes!” was all she could manage before she passed out from exhaustion. Well, she did manage to show me a little sleeping bag she picked up for Emma second-hand. Emma had lugged it everywhere, and the only way I got her to leave was to let her take it home. It’s similar to this one but a pink teddy.

When we got home, It was after 10 and I tried in vain to hustle people off to bed in a timely manner. Emma went from room to room, dragging her sleeping bag and asking if she could have a sleepover. *knock knock* “Addie? Wanna hab a seep ovah?” Her wanderings became slower and as we all got too tired to read her yet another story, Daddy came upstairs to read just one more and to turn ou the light. Even Mommy had to stop reading. Emma had to have her sleeping bag just so on Daddy’s side of the bed, and after the light went out, I heard maybe one or two whispered, “Mommy? You seeping?” before I drifted off.

Then I realized Emma had totally forgotten to nurse to sleep.

still fuzzy headed

Heache is long gone, and I went out and got a load of groceries. While I was gone, Sarah figured out how to make her own website. She totally did it without my help!
***edited to change link because Sarah went and did a different one.***

I’ve given up on second-guessing myself over the interview. I’m sure it will come out great, and I’ll get dozens of supportive calls and make a good difference in at least one person’s life. 🙂

Also today, I spilled water or juice over two different books.

I can’t remember what else I was going to say, but I did want to check in and let you know I was better. 🙂 Now my head is crowded with all the voices from my regular blog reads.

I’m gonna be on the radio

Last night we drove 30 minutes outside of town to the Blackville Fellowship center, home of the brand-new radio station, Life 107.5. I was there to do my taped interview all about homeschooling.
Wow, that was hard.
We talked and chatted for about a half-hour before we started taping, so sometimes when she asked me a question, it seemed like it came out of left field as a hardball. 🙂 But that was probably me, and it was getting late. She said I handled it well, and I think I did convey the impressions I wanted to.
But I’m telling you, two 12 minute segments that will be cut down to 10 minutes each, just isn’t enough time. I felt we barely scratched the surface on some of it.

Yes, I’ll let you know when it airs, I’ll make sure I get it taped if you miss it, and I’ll even try to whip up a transcript. For now, I have to go lay down. The mental stress (jumping around, second-guessing my answers later, worrying over if I said stuff right, and being tired on top of it) gave me a headache in the middle of the night, and I woke up with it. 🙂

Oooo! Sparkly!

Dawn from the MommieTalk message boards made me this. Isn’t it preeeety?


(gosh, some days I’m such a girl)