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Monday, March 29, 2004 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

good day today

I was a little beside myself today, trying to channel my energy into small jobs, and really aching to just *do* something. Preferrably something not on my to-do list or on the computer.

But eventually I got over myself and figured out some things to do. I called about my camera, for the zillionth time, and lo, it was FIXED! Someone has to drive to Moncton (a 3 hour round trip) to pick it up. Luckily, my Mom will be going there next Monday.

I went fancy for lunch, making lasagna roll-ups. One pan of meat ones, one pan of cheese. I ate 3 cheese ones. 🙂 Mmmm…. I used 10 noodles, and I subbed about 1/4 c cream cheese for the ricotta. For the sauce, I cleared out the fridge, using half a jor of made sauce, the rest of a can of crushed tomatoes, and two extra-ripe tomatoes whizzed in the food processor.

I cleaned out the cabinet by the back door, sorting out the boots on the bottom, the drawer half full of mismatched mittens and all the hats and stuff stored inside. *Some* people had been complaining that they couldn’t find hats, and I found enough hats, matching mittens AND scarves to outfit… well, to outfit everyone a couple of times over.

Except for Addison. His gloves look like we own a dog. A dog who is partial to gloves.

After that, and some Internet breaks, I started cleaning out the hall closet upstairs. That closet is where we store extra blankets, out of season clothes, and clothes to get rid off.

I dug out five garbage bags of clothes to go.

I hung up the coats again, folded the blankets and put the plastic bins back in, since one had been lingering in the hall. In the middle of all that, I had company for about a half-hour too. I cooed and giggled and held a baby and it didn’t affect me one bit. 🙂

Meaghan & Emma made cookies, burning one pan. The other ones were good. Emma says you make them by getting some dough, and squishing them on the pan.

When I took the garbage bags outside to the garage (and the fresh warm air), I also dug out something I forgot I had, which mom remined me of earlier.

Emma’s been squishing me in bed. Sometimes she pees. Ugh. It usually wakes up nobody but ME, so I had asked Ron and Mom about ideas for getting something for Emma to sleep on, to keep in our room, until she was ready to leave. (And we had somewhere to put her)

Well slap my head and call me stupid, because inside the garage was that brand-new barely used crib and mattress. I brought the mattress in, wiping off the dust on the snowbanks, and told Emma it was just for her!

Was she ever excited! Yay! Her own bed! Right next to Mommy and Daddy’s. It was funny to hear her tell everyone how it was just for Emmas, not big kids, not big grownups, but little grown-ups. She can sleep there with her own pillow and snazzy pilowcases (they get smushed on Mommy’s bed) and her own special blankets. And it’s really bouncy! What a lucky girl!

We’ll see how it works out at bedtime.

Monday, March 29, 2004 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

webring woes

A full HALF of the homeschooling blogs webring members have broken or missing code. Ugh. It has taken me almost an hour to check almost every single site of the 49 in the ring.

Do other ring managers have this problem? And to think I want to start an “Andrea” webring. *sigh*

Monday, March 29, 2004 in homeschooling


I whipped up another homeschooling newsletter. Inside, you can find articles on raising independant learners, socialization and homeschooling 101, specific to our province.


Sunday, March 28, 2004 in homeschooling

being a smart alec won’t get *me* into college

I stopped procrastinating tonight and finally replied to an email I was dreading a little. It was in the middle of that college requirements discussion I’m having with a college rep. She asked if we followed to provincial curriculum guidelines. I barely refrained from replying with my own beaurocrateeze:

“Although our methodologies are differing, the outcomes are generally the same.” is what I wanted to write. Actually, I did, then I changed it to, “Although our methods of delivery, and texts used are different that the Department of Ed, the outcomes are quite similar. ”

Now isn’t plain English just easier?

In fact, the beaurocrateeze of their guidelines is just one of the many reasons we only glanced at them. Besides, it probably wouldn’t have gone over well if I had said what I really thought, which was, “Well, I think those guidelines are a waste of paper, and we cover what we want when we want, which in the end leaves my kids able to read, to think and be literate and expressive as well. Plus we cover more material in more depth. Which is better than some institutions are doing.”

Sunday, March 28, 2004 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Sunday dinner

Mom and I alternate every week, one week her place, the next my place, always about 5pm. This week, since she is lonely and without Carl, I put on a spread of roast chicken, cooked all afternoon in a slow oven till the meat fell from the bones, thick creamy gravy made from the pan dripping, sweet baby carrots, fluffy white baked potatoes, and a big dish of roasted vegetables (onions pepper and tomatoes) just for Mom. She brought dessert as usual, which was chocolate pie. We put real whipped cream on top.

So you know, the usual. 🙂 Too bad you missed it,Carl. When are you coming home?

Sunday, March 28, 2004 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Sidebar stuff

Just did some site tweaking today, making the sidebar semi-opaque. It looks solid in Mozilla though. I also bumped it down a bit.

New sidebar stuff: Not only did I fix the “most recent comments” feature so the links work, I added a comment leader section. Wow Carol, you’re wordy. 😉

If you’re running MT, here’s the Most recent comments script. The comment leader plug-in is here and props to my gal DJ for pointing it out. Yes, I’m the #1 commenter on *her* site, what’s your point?

I took out the non-working random blog thingy, as I found something new to implement which I haven’t done yet. Until then, it’s just a link to blogs I read (sadly outdated now). I also tidied up the spacing a bit, and added a couple of titles, especially to explain the homeschooling category part.

Next on the agenda is to neaten up the webrings (I want to start an “Andrea” webring too), have collapsable comments in the archives, reverse the order of said archives, and make the entry titles more prominent than the date.

And I still can’t get the main entry font to look smaller in IE. (the text you are reading now)

I was going to do a redesign, but I think I’ll make this one a little snazzier. Too many people like the tulip. 🙂