Three is such a fun age.

Yesterday afternoon I was getting slowly back to normal. (Emma calls the past tense “last morning”.) We had to take the girls out last night, and the plan was to drop them off then do some window shopping with Emma. Ron and I get to stroll and semi-converse, spending time together, and Emam gets to run around in circles.

Well, as soon as it was time to go, she had a big meltdown, so we left her here with Addison. She didn’t want to go shopping any more, she wanted to play outside. We were almost to the bridge, when Sarah realizes she forgot something Important. Back to the house.

I dunno what happened next, but Emma came with us, and she wasn’t happy. By the time we dropped the girls off, Emma was asleep. I suggested to Ron we go thru a drive-thru and go parking, so we did.

We sat parked at the marina for almost an hour, just talking and stuff, sipping our coffee or hot chocolate. Emma slept the whole time. When we got back to the house, to wait for the girls to call and say they were done, Emma was cranky coming in, and then she was so cranky I put her upstairs in the bed, telling her calmly that when she was done being cranky, just holler for me.

She fell asleep.

She woke up a half-hour later because she had a bad dream, so I brought her downstairs. And then she started. She wanted juice, but not from Daddy. She wanted a hot dog, then popcorn, but didn’t want to eat it when we brought it to her.

Eventually, when Ron brought the big girls back home, we just took her to bed. (time: almost 10) Ron read her some stories. “Just one, Daddy.” Then just one more. She slept on her bed, on the floor with her sleeping bag and eventually cuddled up to me. She insisted she was going to nurse.

Finally, I let her, and she nibbled for about a minute, a dissapointed look on her face. “It’s all gone.” she told me with a sigh, and put my shirt back in place. She rolled over then and fell asleep.

I kept putting her back in her bed and she kept crawling in next to me. She takes up a whole mess of room. My hands hurt from being squished.

Toay I have to clean up my house and remember to get her outside before we leave to get groceries, or she’ll take a fit then too.

aww seems like little Emma is growing up and she understand she is.. this story really reminded me of Maria when she was that age..I hope she feels better soon Andrea…go out with her.. play and I bet she’ll be ok

Oh yes. I am sooooo familiar with this lovely stage. She’ll definately benefit from some time outside and it won’t be too shabby for Mom either.

She reminds me so much of Katie it’s scary!