Whee! A quiz!

You’re a Spirograph!! You’re pretty tripped out,
even though you’ve been known to be a bit
boring at times. You manage to serve your
purpose in life while expending hardly any
effort (and are probably stoned to the gills
all the while).

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
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I like spirographs. In fact, my mom bought one at a yard sale for my kids. It was fun when I played with it.

Worth a few thousand words

I put a bunch of pictures, including conference photos and what I bought, in the gallery, and then I wrote some extensive captions.

It’s catch-up day for me around the house today, and do you know how great a husband I have? he did laundry while I was gone all day Saturday. Wash, dried, folded and put away. So sexy – RAWR!

And the use of the words “Sexy” and “Ron” in the same sentence was to get back at my Mom, who in the middle of a conversation made us all choke on our banana cake that Meaghan made. Carl was talking about the solar-powered straw bale house they are going to build in the wilderness, and maybe they’d have seminars. I asked what kind of seminars, and as Carl was supposing, Mom interrupted with “Sex and the 60 year old?”

Dessert was pretty much over then. Oh my eyes… mental picture.

500 miles

I was away all day yesterday. All freakin’ day. I left my house at 7:15, and I got back in town at 7:30, but went to my Mom’s house where Ron, Emma and Meaghan were.

Sarah, Addison and I went to a homeschool conference! Whoo hoo! Yes we had a good time, even if it is far more conservative Christian than we like. It’s the *only* homeschool conference or meeting on *any* scale in the province.

I had taken my mother’s car and racked up roughly five hundred and eighty some odd miles on it. Carl, check the odometer, I reset it at the Irving on the way out of town. And $50 worth of gas.

I got some awesome deals, and had to resist more than once the urge to stand on a table and scream at the crowd, “You don’t need hardly any of this curriculumn!” You would not believe the amount of used or discounted Saxon Math there was available.

Near the end, I met up with the coordinator with whom I had been exchanging emails anyway, and she let me bring home as many conference packets (with catalogues etc…) as I wanted for everyone up here.

The only bonehead thing was I discovered late last night I had bought an answer key to something instead of an actual book. Doh. Sending that back!

I’ll give you a list later, cuz I got some cool stuff and a bunch of links for ya.

Emma, again

Last night after 10pm, I was curled in bed reading a trashy romance novel waiting for Emma to fall asleep. It wasn’t happening. She insisted she was going to have a drink of juice, “just a small drink!” so I told her to go downstairs by herself and find her cup.

A few minutes later, after listening to her mutter to herself all the way down the stairs, “I go down stairs, just like a grown-up! See? I hold on.” and then hearing her talking to Ron and taking far longer than it would for juice, “I’m hungry Daddy!” I went downstairs to see what she was up to.

She and her father were at the counter, digging out bread and cheese.

“I making cheesy bread wif Daddy. I make you sooo happy!”

“You’re making cheesy bread with Daddy? To make me happy?” I asked her. She nodded. “You be soooo happy!”

“More like I feel sooo guilty.”

“I make you happy Mommy?”

“Yes. You make me happy.”

“I so happy!”

Ron was happy too, judging by how much laughing he was doing.

To make cheesy bread, just like Emma, you need a piece of bread, a large block of cheese, a knife (a grownup to use it) a plate and a microwave.

Put the bread on the plate. Get the grownup to slice 3 or 4 slices of cheese. Line up the cheese slices on the bread. Put the plate of bread in the microwave for 33 seconds. Now the grownup has to cut off the crust on three sides. The last side has the crust left on for a handle to pick up the bread with.

A grownup may have to life up the bread and blow on the back to cool it off. Eat in little tiny bites all the way around the edge.

It makes you feel better.

bribing cousins


These are two of my cousins, Timmy and Bradley. Bradley is Tammy’s son and Timmy is, well, my uncle Timmy’s son. When I shot this photo, for the second time, since the first was in front of windows with blinding sunshine streaming in, I told them to get up against the wall and practise for their mug shots. Bradley has his hand raised, fingers spread while he said, “Live long and prosper!”

They came up to me before this shot, trying to extort money. “Are you gonna give us money?” Bradley asked, hands outstretched. “Cuz Aunt Boo gave me $20.” I’m thinking that was quite a bit of money, but found out later he had to split it.

“Twenty bucks!” I hollered, “What do you think I am, RICH?” They laughed at me, and Sarah wandered over to tell them I’m a big cheapo because she only gets $5 for allowance every week, and it used to be every TWO weeks. The boys shook their heads at my meanness. “If you’re good,” I told them with a wry grin, “I’ll give you each a loonie!”

They looked at each other and then both gave me a look. “Ooo. A whole dollar,” said Bradley.

I leaned my head towards them conspiritoraly and dropped my voice. “Tell ya what,” I whispered as their interest piqued, “Later, I will tell you embarrasing stories about both of your parents.”

Their eyes sparkled and they both grinned. “COOL!”

well lookee there

I have a ton of stuff to do on my site, since I got a notice I’m using up disk space like it’s going out of style, and certain people were really chatty and I had to read all those posts as well as here and all my regular blogs on my morning rounds… plus I have emails to answer, write a few columns for Kelli (which I did NOT do last week – was that procrastination article a hint?), write some more stuff for this site and a couple others…

Man, you people have to be quiet! 😀 I need to get some stuff done!