Book! and writing and blogging! and a contest!

Jay came up with an idea for a blogging/writing contest, based on a theme each time, where the winner gets a new book. Cool, huh? This time, the theme is compassion. Go here for the complete run-down, rules, butt-kissing etc…

Well? What are you waiting for? And I don’t wanna here no lame excuses, this is your chance to actually *write* something instead of staring at the monitor. (oh there goes the voice in my head again.)

A new burb!

I am the stuff of inspiration, and I am so proud. There’s a new burb in town for us Bad Mommies. Not for the perfect, but for us moms who think (for example) that chocolate really can be for breakfast.

Sherry is a woman after my own heart.


It happened.

Yesterday, Emma found one of her 5235 backbacks, filled it up, slung it across her back, and announced to us that she was “going to school.” Thankfully, she just walked around the house with Sarah, then declared herself at home. “Mommy, I home!” Until later, when she was frantically runing around screaming, “I’m gonna miss da bus!”

I blame Timothy.

On a slightly related note, Little Bear has an episode where his human friend Emily goes to school, so his mom and dad teach him stuff at home. I’m really noticing how many children’s shows have whole episodes devoted to school indoctrination.

I forgot to post this on the weekend…

So here’s what I posted on a oft-frequented message board:

My poor baby’s ear
My baby woke up this morning complaining of an earache, and there was clear fluid coming out which may have been water. Crying, and looking awful. Went over to the hospital (which I hate doing if it is for a “small” reason but the dr’s were all closed). Got registered and in an exam room in 20-25 minutes!

The doctor came in looking like a Clint Eastwoon wanna-be, while I said we were here to confirm an ear infection, he grabbed the ear thingy, got only 2-3 inches away from the ear and went, “Whoa! That’s an ear infection!” Wrote me a script and off we went to the pharmacy and back home. Baby took some pills and slept half the afternoon.
Poor Addison. It’s been a long time since he had an ear infection.

those formative years

Ever wonder about the benefits of having much older children and a toddler? Well, wonder no more! You too can be witness to the following.

Me: Emma, stop!

Emma: Hammer time! Doo do do do, dah dah…

scrapbooking layout sketches

I did some rough sketches of some layouts.

Click for bigger.