Monday, June 21, 2004 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Big girl beds

I did it. I’m the meanest mommy anywhere. I went and moved Emma right out of our room into the room with Meaghan, onto the lower bunk.

We shuffled Sarah out of there to fit Emma in, and now Sarah is in the “spare” room which is half torn apart, on an air mattress (temporarily). We’re moving the dressers around today.

Last night, it took almost two hours for Emma to go to sleep. Oddly enough, this is how long it was also taking having her sleep in our room, on her mattress or in my bed. She’s also been peeing the bed in the middle of the night almost every night for a week, regardless of whether she’s gone to the potty at bedtime. That’s often 9 or 10 pm.

She was pretty fine with it, tho not excited and a little wary, until it really got down to the crunch.
Then she was crawling in with me (I was reading and making sure she fell asleep okay) and asking to stay there. I told her she was getting bigger and had to sleep in the other bed, she was squishing me.

She pushed the bed, “You’re bed’s not squishy.”

I told her she was getting a big girl like the other girls. Then she started to cry. “I don’t want to grow up!”

I snuggled her lots, rocked her a bit, then told her I’d put her in her new bed, and when it was morning-time, she could come to my bed. She pouted lots, but I laid her in her bed, kissed her, left the room and she fell asleep. Then again, it was 11:30….

She’s breakin’ my heart here, but this trauma is far less than the trauma I’m inflicting on the whole household when I don’t get a reasonable night’s sleep, or at least a few hours in a row.

Someone hug me? Tell me it’ll be okay?

This morning, Meaghan woke me at 6:45 to tell me Emma peed in her bed. I cleaned her up, then told her since it was morning, she could lay in my bed for a while. We stayed there till 9.


  1. Awww… I’m on the opposite end of that right now. I’m actually TRYING to get Caleb to sleep with me lately. My big ol’ bed just feels way too empty with hubby gone and it’s nice to have some company. 🙂