Our house

Well, as some of you know, we live in a really old house. It was built in 1896, we think, and has had very few owners and very little restoration. We bought it for a song and have been slowly repairing and restoring what we can. The list is very long!
Today, the city’s historical officer came by. The city hasn’t had a historical officer until now, nor any historical guidelines for old homes or anything, so this is new and really needed. Even if they don’t have money to give us yet. There’s too many older homes around here that are falling down or being renovated into apartments.

Anyway – we gave her a full two hour tour, and we didn’t even see the basement! We just glanced over the garden too. Our knowledge of the history of the house is spotty and mostly through hearsay, not documented. She’s going to look stuff up and see what she can find, and hopefully give us copies.

But even better – we’ll be going on the official list of Notable Historic Homes of the Area! I’m so happy! Not just because I live here; I feel really, really lucky & blessed to live in such a wonderful house. I (We) like to share it with everyone, and I really want to see it preserved for future generations (we won’t be living here forever), and now it looks like the city is going to help make sure that happens! YAY!

Click for a close-up of the “showcase” room, the dining room.

In the mood for romance?

Carley has been summoned back home by her Aunt May to the small seaside town. Only problems of this magnitude, her aunt’s ailing health and even more ailing bed and breakfast, would bring her back to this place that holds so many bad memories. Besides, it was just temporary.
Nobody knows more of her temporary nature than Ethan, and this time, he’s determined to make things permanent.

And there’s your teaser for my romance novel I’m writing. 😉 Hey, I can’t let all the good stuff out, right?

good stuff

Mmmm… lunch with Carol….. Yummy. THANKS! 😀

The Heritage lady called me back. This is a new thing for the city, finally they are doing something about the heritage properties abounding all over here. I hope they stop some from falling down. Our conversation went well for an intro, and she is coincidentally going to be walking around my neighbourhood tomorrow morning. Of course I told her to stop in! She did not know we had stained glass windows here. Apparently we may be the only house in this section of town with them. I’m jazzed about that.

I think I may have some names for my romance novel couple. Hmmm, gotta whip up a sidebar thingy to keep track of progress. Anyone have any automated script thingys for something like that?

It’s too hot outside to paint.

Back to blogging prolifically

Hmm… where to start?

I registered our yard & garden for Communities in Bloom. I think the judging starts this weekend. Gotta clean the yard. Too bad we’re not quite finished painting that one side of the house.

I also called the city’s *new* Heritage Officer about our house, since it’s well, old. I had to leave a message, and I haven’t heard back yet, because our line is either busy or we’re gone. Yes, I *did* consider leaving my email. Making sure our house is preserved or at least recognized for future generations is something we’re keen on. (Did I just say “keen”?)

Today is Mom’s birthday. Also, Carol and I are taking Emma & Christina out for Christina’s birthday. We have a lunch date. Is that not the cutest thing?

Go to Darby’s blog here, where she has a link to a pretty good article about homeschooling and general misconceptions.

While I was out yakking up a storm, I was talking to another mom I don’t see often enough. I have always thought she’d make a great homeschooling mom. Sometimes you meet a family, and they seem so homeschoolish, you know? Anyway, she was talking about school and homework and I mentioned that for us (and many others who homeschool) the amount of time it takes is roughly equivalent to the same amount one would spend helping their kids with homework.
She stopped dead in her tracks. “You’re kidding.”
Although in her defense, she did have a neighbour who does school-at-home and the kids are at it all freakin’ day.

In Memorium

This is my Nanny.


And this is how I remember her.

(March 2001)

(Christmas 1995)

(Summer 1993?)


Marjorie Violet, 1918-2001


Bourne Supremacy was good, but the whole camera-shaking thingy the entire movie made me, quite literally, nauseated. I couldn’t even finish my popcorn. Anyway, if you’re waiting with baited breath for some more pearls of wisom and funniness, I’m playing catch-up with other things around the house.

Ron’s in the same spot and we discusses this on our walk (how much do I love going for a walk with him?) – we have all this stuff in our heads that is moving and changing so fast, we can’t even get it out verbally, let alone down on paper or screen.

I have a new chubby little notebook. It’s seeing some action, even if it is supposed to be for me to write down what I’m eating

I have a large pile of books I’m putting up on ebay. Keep an eye on my auctions.