A Finger in every pot

Well. Wanna know what we’re up to? Ron has been painting. Touch up and finishing work on one side of the house, and scraping and painting on the front of the house. He also fixed the front porch light. The side stuff has to be finished before he can go back to the back of the house, to use the scaffolding. Some of the touch-up works includes new calking around the bay windows.

Ron is also sorta kinda working. Hours are sporadic and unpredictable as he sets up some stuff and basically proves he knows what he’s doing, plus hammering out details for the contract, before he really gets the job. It may include work for me! I can’t say anything more than that.

He also needs to get the van fixed.

Our bedroom still smells of varathane. It sets off both my nose and my lungs. Whee! I have a fan in there now, with the windows open, to help get rid of the last of it.

But the garden – it is exploding. The squash have well and truly taken over, plus we planted freaky gourds. We have some interesting cross-breeds going on. The tomato plants are so big, the cages are held up by rebar, and one plant is even being propped up with Emma’s picnic table. There are a couple of freakishly huge and malformed tomatoes out there. They haven’t begun to ripen yet, but I’m sure with the cool nights they will soon. I have to go check.

I have the foyer floor covered in toys that we are still sorting. It’s too big and overwhelming of a job to do all at once. Plus I keep finding more. I stared at some of the pile and thought to myself, “I need some bigger containers” for some of the toys. Then I got smart, slapped myself around a bit and realized that I coudl, you know, if the toys were spiling out the containers I had for them, get rid of some of those toys. Which was the whole point of sorting out the toys in the first place. Emma has so many toys, she hardly plays with any of them. Does she really need 10 purses? I thought not. I cut that number in half. I also would like to to cut the number of children’s books we own by half. We go to the library often enough.

I almost have the corner of the dining room fully set up as a home office. I need to move the filing cabinet (which I cleaned out) but first I have to clean out and get rid of the stationary & school supply cabinet, one of the white plastic drawer thingys. That stuff is going in the desk (somewhere) and the filing cabinet.

The rest of the dining room looks frightful. It’s my turn for Sunday dinner this week.

The romance novel is stagnating. I’m on page FOUR. Smack me next time I roll my eyes and say, “OH!, I can do THAT! That’s EASY!”

On the other hand, I have an idea for my “mom”oirs, and I tracked down a likely publisher. I have to send them a query first. The up side is they have done something similar lately. But for me, I have to slog through almost 800 pages of over 300,000 words I’ve written about my life in general over the past almost-5 years.

I need new but temporary flooring in the bathroom. Right before we moved in, the previous owner placed those stick-on foot square floor tiles down. Well, they’re lifting up near the tub because (duh) they don’t stick well when water keeps seeping in through the cracks. Because I have the World’s Smallest Bathroom, I can get away with a 5×7 remnant of vinyl flooring, and have some left over.

I need to change the picture in this here blog. I have more pictures to upload. I need to set up at least two other sites for Ron. I have to go to the library. I may need some groceries, even though I spent a fortune last week, and we have enough baking supplies to last until the Second Coming.

We have to start school at some point.

My glasses have a definite chip out of them, right in the center of one lens, and I desperately need my teeth cleaned.

Sarah and Meaghan may be going on a day trip tommorow. We were called about it this morning. Addison’s work schedule is erratic. The other night he got home after 7pm, and he had been gone by 10am. Yesterday he worked all day in the woods. Today it’s almost 11, and there’s no sign of them. Emma is still convinced she is a kitty and refuses to wear clothing.

I am thisclose to talking myself out of today’s walk. I haven’t started writing down and keeping track of my food again. Sarah stole her CD back from me.

I remembered this morning that my aunt is supposed to be coming up for the long weekend. That’s next weekened, right? I dunno where she’s gonna sleep.

Oh, and Mom? I signed up for voice mail. You’re welcome, and Merry Christmas.

4 replies on “A Finger in every pot”

  1. Hallelujah!!! Voice mail, what a concept. What will I have to complain about now? Oh, and add cooking Sunday dinner to your list……..love……..Mom

  2. HERE HERE. Thank goodness. At least I can always leave a msg and in your not so busy time you might be able to call me back..haha

    If not that the internet call manager works well as well.

    Have a great afternoon!

  3. I’m out of breath just reading that. slow down woman. And we here in good ‘ol california would be happy to relieve you of your over abandunce of childrens books. Lets talk $$.

  4. wow…your list sounds a lot like mine… (I have 4 kids plus one step daughter)…we have been negotiating major bedroom trades all summer which has required immense patience and one of the teens to blink (and start moving stuff) … finally one of them broke down and moved some of her crap out of the way so the move can progress… (kind of like a sliding puzzle)…

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