If you ignore Monday, does it still exist?

It’s been raining for two days straight.

I didn’t feel like writing at all yesterday, so I cleaned my house instead. All the toys are sorted, and I boxed up two more boxes. I swear, we’ve reduced the pile by half. And that’s not counting the toys the big kids keep in their rooms. Emma has this, plus a large container in her room, and stuffed animals all over the bed. Everything is sorted and in their proper containers. Emma can find stuff!

I tidied up a lot of things, including my bedroom. Yes, I even rolled up Ron’s socks.

Ron and I went shopping on Saturday for lots of stuff, including more paint for the house. It was on sale, too. I got a navy hoodie on clearance for $2.50, some bike shorts and a new bra. Did you know that “full support” stands for “ugly”? I even told the cashier that, and after it was rung up, she cheerfully said, “Enjoy your ugly bra!” Can they not make bras in my size, without underwires, that look nice? All the ones Ron liked had wires. Ugh. Actually, they do make ’em, we just can’t afford ’em. Helloooo Christmas list.

Sunday, even though it was my turn to do all the cooking for dinner, I called up my Mom and just us girls went to Beaubear Island for the final tour of the season. Even without the boys, we still got the family/group rate. “Is there a bear there?” Emma asked us. There was a bear rug in the Trading post. She thought it was scary. What she didn’t think scary was the boat ride over to the island. She thought it was awesome, and kept up a constant stream of chatter the entire time. When you get on the island, a guide in historical costume takes you around, telling stories of the settlement. At a few stops, you meet certain characters pertaining to the story, also in historic dress. Emma was afraid of a very loud guy, until he hauled out a map. Just like Dora! When we got back to the dock, one guy in costume pushed the other guy in. Then the guy in the water pulled the pusher in with him. Emma thought that was the best part.

For dinner, in my unusually clean dining room, we had an end-of-summer spread of burgers (6 beef, one chicken breast, two soy chicken), potato salad, macaroni salad, tomatoes and cukes from Mom’s garden (our cukes are done and the tomatoes aren’t ripe yet) and some hard-boiled eggs. Mom brings dessert every time. I dunno if it’s some control thing, or she just likes to make sure our guts will bust. It may even be to clean out her leftovers (heck, I know it is) This time she brought a layered ice cream sandwich frozen dessert, blueberry pie and strawberry rhubarb pie.

Sometimes I think she hates me. ‘What is this diet we speak of?” I asked her.

And Ron is working regular hours all this week. So cool. I think he could use the break from us though.

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  1. can’t stand underwire bras… I get sports bras everytime cause they are comfortable… but not as sexy… but I don’t think they are ugly…even if my partner doesn’t agree!

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