The window

In our new bedroom, the one with the nicely finished floor, there are two windows, plus an oval window which is in the center front of the house. Inside, it was partially in an indented area of the room, in which you could put a dresser or wardrobe. Somebody decided that indent would look better […]

Another mattress

Yesterday we prepared to do some more room-switcheroo, but first we had to take care of the bed issue for Addison. See, he’s been sleeping on the twin bed I got from my grandmother and I’ve since discovered his feet hang off the edge. Besides, Sarah wants the bed frame. It matches her room. Since […]


Apparently my RSS feed is wonky, and I confess, I hardly know what the acronym stands for let alone how to tweak it and get it working. If you know, and more importantly know where to look and how to fix it, could you tell me how?