Rambling stuff I need to blurt out so I don’t forget.

So last night my mom & Carl came over with oodles of pizza. When I opened the pop, it spurted all over the place. After I cleaned it up, Emma said, “Can you pour me some? And don’t spill it this time.”
The boys & Meaghan decended on the garden, picking most of the remaining tomatoes (at least the ones of the mostly-dead plants), the pumpkins and gourds. They filled two laundry baskets FULL. Emma ran around and around the yard in her $4 princess dress, while my Mom followed her saying, “Emma? Aren’t you cold? Do you need a sweater?”
They also lugged the old couch to the curb and Sarah stuck a sign on it, saying “Make an Offer!” Frankly, I am surprised it is still there.

When we were driving home the other day, we decided to take a little detour to check out this place that had beach glass workshops. It was 10 mintues or so off the highway, and when we got there it had just closed. My first mistake (okay, second) was not taking the same way back to the highway. At one point, I thought I was heading west, but came to an intersection with the southern section of the minor highway on my right. Eventually, I came back to the highway 20 kms further back from where I had come off. 45 minutes later.

I have oodles of files to sort. We suck at file storage and recently had to go through two large boxes of piles of papers to find one piece of paper. I bought some nifty things to help, because I am all about office supplies. “We have to go to Staples,” I told the kids between malls on Tuesday. “What’s in that store?” Emma asked me. I told her they sold staples. “I love staples!” she said. Yes, we are weird, thanks. We all love that store.

I stopped in to a gaming store, so Addison could say he’d been there. We all went in and lo, they had a selection of Thomas the Tank Engine things and a train set up. It was harder to get Emma to leave than Addison. While we were wandering around, the owner asked me, “Do you have any questions about the establishment?” Um, no. Just evening things out because later I forced Addison to go to the scrapbooking place. And because Emma was with us, we had to check out the girl’s bathroom. They use it as a storage room, because as you can imagine, a gaming store doesn’t get much female traffic.

And to round off, I leave you with the sage advice of one of my aunts, who sent me an email with the following sentence, I kid you not.

“NEVER PUT A MENOPAUSAL WOMAN IN A MOOSE SUIT! ” I guess she lasted a whole four minutes.

And pictures

as requested by Carl (Gee, the guy stops working for the season and hassles me to post pictures. Mom, find something for him to do!) Start here and prepare to be dazzled. There are 9 new ones in all.

testing, testing

If things look wonky (or WAY wonky) I’m just working on the new layout.
(Font size increased slightly to please my Mom and at least one other nameless person. 🙂 )

Yes, these sunflowers are in my garden.

And no, I can’t figure out how to make this text not be all smooshed up against the light green box. I worked on this till my eyes bugged out.

Miss me?

We went to Moncton yesterday and shopped till we dropped. Well, we didn’t go *just* to shop, but since we were there, might as well.

Some interesting conversations with Emma along the way:

Emma: “Mommy, what’s that store?”

Me: “That’s Wal*mart, a temple to American consumerism. Can you say consumerism?”

Emma: “I can’t say that word.”

Behind me, the other kids are yelling, “Boo! Hiss!” at the storefront.

Later, in a 99cents store, Addison is remarking, “Just think! They can change to a Dollar store and increase their profits by 1%!” while Emma is busy counting the deflated mylar balloons high up on the wall, numbered so you can pick one without driving the clerks crazy.

“Look at the plates, Mom! Look! One, two, fwree, four, five… six… sebin, eight nine, and a one and zero make ten!”

A clerk whips her head around. “Did she just call them plates?” Yep. We laugh because they do, in fact, look like plates. The clerk looks back at us in a double-take. “And how old is she?” I tell her and she says, “My granddaughter is three, four in November, and she ain’t doing nothing like that!” She gives Emma a smile, “You sure are smart!” Sarah and Addison say behind me, “Yeah she knows.” I whisper in Emma’s ear to tell the lady thank you, and she does. The lady goes back to her job, occasionally looking down at us and shaking her head, because now Emma is asking me questions. “Why is she doing that? How comes she’s up on the ladder? Do they want her to move that stuff?” And I answer them all as best and as simply as I can.

Later in the same store, I have to convince Emma to get only two bottles of glitter glue, not three, which she evenutally agrees to, and she then insists that *she* will give the clerk the money, not me.

… and then there was the part where I had to take her crying from the Disney store because I couldn’t buy her a $50 Cinderella dress, and when she unrolled a large roll of stickers across the equally large floor at the scrapbooking store (we’ll gloss over the large amount of stuff we bought there), and her express need to check out every single bathroom in each location. Even if they are too noisy for her, and I suddenly have a stranger in the next stall apologizing for flushing the toilet without warning.

More stories later! I even got lost! 😀

I have a headache that won’t go away

So here’s a few random quotes from the kids.

Emma: “Hi, my name is Sarah-Meaghan-Emma!”

Meaghan: “No, I don’t want to go to culinary school. I don’t need a piece of paper to prove to people I’m a good cook. I know it!”

Sarah: “I came out of my room and saw that smoke was almost to my door, so I figured lunch was just about ready.”

Addison: “Mom! You left wet clothes in the washer again. There’s no empty baskets because you didn’t fold those clothes. Jeez Mom, some of us have laundry to do!”

(Wait, shouldn’t that be the other way around?)

Oh, and after I discussed the possiblity of my mom coming to my house to look after the kids *overnight*, I believe she muttered something along the lines of, “There’s not enough Prozac in the world…”

Posted as evidence

If you hear on the news about some woman who went nuts and snapped, it might be me. And why you say?


I present to you this.