Sunday, September 26, 2004 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

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If you hear on the news about some woman who went nuts and snapped, it might be me. And why you say?


I present to you this.


  1. Hahahaha! Bwahahaha! So typical…lmao

  2. I don’t have a roll thing so I get a collection of them on my hamper top. Asa keeps telling me that I have to save them for the daycare so they can do crafts

  3. I laughed so hard I spat spray on the monitor. ewww! 🙂

  4. And the problem is….?

    Just kidding. Now I’m guilty of not putting a roll on the roller thingy because I HATE the rollers! You never get enough off, they always tear off too small. Plus we have a space problem in our bathroom. There is no room for our roller, really. My bathroom is really tiny.

    Now I did crack down on the empties getting left around. I don’t save ANY for crafts. I cleaned the bathroom once and counted like 12 empties that I threw out. That is just sad. There is now a small wastebasket at the toilet just to toss tissues and empty rolls.

  5. I think I just woke the kids up I was laughing so hard. I should take a picture of dh’s dirty clothes – sitting on top of the hamper. Argh!

  6. Hey that’s pretty typical – I can feel your stress – lol

  7. with 4 teen girls in the house we go through so much toilet paper (at least one a day in the main bathroom) that there is almost no point in putting it on the roller… I want one of those holders that goes straight up so that several rolls are stuck on it for easy access… I think my friend uses a plunger for this!

  8. hmm, that looked scarily familiar, lol.

  9. Holy guacamole, that is harsh. If it were only one roll I wouldn’t have flinched! But two good roles, ignored by a cast of thousands who used them….sad. Keep documenting these things, and you may have a case some day to prove that you are living in a crazy place and deserve a few hours off per day!
    Kim C.