Tuesday, December 21, 2004 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Random snippets

Carol really knows how to throw a party. My two oldest kids are still in bed. Emma told us on the way home she wanted to stay with Christina and sleep in their big family bed. “With no Mommy?” I asked. She told me Christina’s mommy would do.

I have lept froward with technology and discovered Bloglines. Now I won’t stalk your website obsessively (unless you don’t have a feed of any kind) and I can instantly know if you’ve updated. I *love* that.

Another thing I love: It’s a Wonderful Life – 30 second version.

Sarah & Meaghan spent a large portion of their day yesterday making a radio station on tape. Remember tapes and cassette recorders? Excellent things to have around the house. They’ve come a long way since the tape I have of them at 4 & 6. Still cute, though.

Oh! And a cool yule to everyone. Here’s to the days getting longer.


  1. Happy holidays (((Andrea!)))