Books for 2006

I didn’t keep track of the books I read this year at all. There was an alarmingly high number of crappy ones though. This year, I plan to keep track of all the books I read on a seperate page. My goal is also to increase the number of non-fiction books I read. Partly because I mostly read fluff and partly because I have a stack of n-f books here I need to read. I’d like to see if I could read 50, but we’ll see.

I got the idea from everyone else, from when I kept track before (last April and June of 04), and from something I heard of called the 50 Books in a Year Challenge, for which there seems to be no home page.

I read fast, and if you take an average from the two lists I posted before and their time frame, I got through two a week.

I hate thinking up titles

After-holiday cleanup is happening here. And digging out of snow. Lots of snow. Still piles of snow in the back driveway. Ron called the city twice, so hopefully today someone will come by and take away the seven foot high pile of snow they left us.

We got smart this year. Since I normally put the tree up early and get sick of it by now, cramming it back in the box and flinging the ornaments away, Ron has been helping me sort the ornaments we didn’t use (a scary amount) and we’ve been packing them away nicely sorted and grouped.

If you didn’t notice, I am a sentimantal person. I like to save pretty much everything. Those ornaments that I made the first year or two we were together? The one we had to “make-do”? The man wanted them tossed. Sure they were wrinkled and ripped and kinda nibbled on by a mouse somewhere…

“But seventies disco balls?” he asked.

“What’s Christmas if you can’t have a little tacky?” I retorted. “Besides, those were my mother’s.” Pause. “Okay, FINE.”

The seveties disco balls stayed. The plastic canvas ornaments his mother made? Totally gone. I was with him on that one.

Also, Carl’s daughter Julia-the-world-traveller is up for a visit, braving customs and airlines and snowstorms and busses to get here. We took her and Emma out sliding yesterday. I swear, it took longer to convince Emma to go and get her dressed, than the time we spent actually sliding. Sarah and Julia had a blast. I went down once. The rest of the time I lugged, begged, cajoled and froze my patootie.

Addison has been working a lot too, so he is tired. Ron’s job is all done, so he is looking and resting. But at least Ron is here to drive Addison to work, so he doesn’t have to walk.

The fish guy is back today across the street, still trying to sell his fish.

We still have leftovers, including baking my grandmother sent up.

Most of our presents have been put away, garbage bagged up and recyclables sorted. Although I did see down at the mall (yes we went once right after the storm and half the stores were closed) that the snow was all piled up in front of the blue drop-off bins making them inaccesible.

Today I might start taking down the tree.

I had to post another picture

both windows

On top is one of the windows in our dining room. Ron is holding up the one he made for me. If you look close, you can see how he adapted the design to fit the smaller oval. Also, it was hard to match up the hundred-year-old glass, so we made adjustments there too.

Those little round circles on both windows are actually pre-made cabochons – faceted pieces of glass that really catch the light.

Best Christmas present


Ron made me this for the bedroom window.

And happy holidays to you too, snowplow driver

Our driveway, located behind our house, has two entrances and circles around. The back end is away from the house and partly hidden by trees. It is directly across from a side street.

There is easily a couple of feet of snow on the ground, and Mr. Snowplow Driver apparently thought the upper end of our driveway was a really good spot to dump a bucketful.

Dump snow on my driveway and I'm calling your boss.

Christmas Eve pics

They are up in the gallery.