Tuesday, January 18, 2005 in education

Handy homeschooling links

Homeschool Buzz News & things, mostly US.
A to Z Home’s Cool – Homeschooling Web Site, all you ever* need to know.
About Homeschooling
Department of Education – Anglophone Sector – Educational Programs and Services curriculum development branch. This is where you can find PDF files of their course outlines.
Donna Young’s Homeschool Resource Website – lots of forms!
HighSchoolScience.com Dr Willie’s apologia site. Yes, it’s creation science and yes, I plan to write up an article for here as to why I like it and use it.
Homeschooling in NB
Tree of Life supplier here in NB, from a Classical Christian perspective. Fast order turn-around time.
Maple Leaf Used Curriculum a used curriculum message board in CANADA
Life Learning Magazine – Canadian and also has this month’s issue FREE in PDF format. Mmmm, unschooling.
another Canadian 2nd hand exchange board
Homeschool and More – Online Catalogue supplier in PEI, very reliable and helpful
Guilt-Free Homeschooling Good articles, and honestly – I wish I’d come up with that tile. 😉
Homeschool Oasis Main Lobby Really, if you are burned out and / or thinking of homeschooling through high school, Barb is Awesome.
To balance my views, since most of the above links are sometimes heavily Christian, I also check out Homeschool & Other Education Stuff a libertarian-leaning edu-blog.

If you like mailing lists, you can join this one for people in NB. It’s low-traffic, and the owner (NOT ME! HA!) often sends out links to free resources.

There is also The Canadian Home Based Learning Resource page, which has lotsa of good stuff. Also, they are doing a site overhaul and their NB section is almost empty and looking for a person to handle it. I sent an email volunteering for the job. 😀


  1. I’d love to read the article about the creation science curriculum whenever you get around to writing it.

  2. Ewww, good idea Andrea. I’ve been out of the loop for a few days. Glad to see you’ve been posting as regular as usual. If your mom didn’t emial ya, I woulda.
    Another white out snow storm in Chicago.
    Kim C.