Friday, February 25, 2005 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

All fixed

And it only took until practically lunch time today. It was pretty nasty. And before I get more advice, Ron knows what he’s doing; he’s a programmer, remember? He’s the guy all our friends call up when *their* machines get infected.

So – this virus was pretty smart. It not only waited until people used IE, it was just like I said, perfectly designed for it. These things install themselves, usually in the toolbar and everywhere else. Delete it manually from the register and it would put itself back. Run a spyware program like AdAware, and it (the virus) would notice and reboot the machine, thus preventing its own demise. We finally found one that would get most of it before shutting down the system, and on the second time around actually killed it. We’re nice and clean now.

Our system set-up has just Windows on drive C. Any program we install goes on drive D. We also have drive E, F, and G for safety and backup issues. 98% of the problem was (you guessed it) on drive C in Windows. I know the commenter below probably meant well, but the last thing I would use is a virus checker from Microsoft. You do know it’s checking your whole system and reporting back to them, right?

While we were in the middle of that, Ron went to leave for work and discovered the van died. Not a good morning all around.

Much better now, though. So don’t worry, you know who you are… 😉


  1. We don’t have an IT department or person at my job, and my system became totally infected with popups & spyware. I tried using spybot, but it had a problem scanning my system – I left it up for 2 weeks & it still wasn’t done! I tried adaware, but same thing. So I finally downloaded the one from microsoft & it at least would scan my system. Every time I run it, it finds a browser hijacker. But if nothing else would scan, I don’t know what else I could have done? I’m very computer illiterate! Any better suggestions than microsoft?