Sunday, February 27, 2005 in I Forgot To Pick A Category

Time for a change

So the van had a little problem there on Friday, and since it needed some work done in all other areas, we told Friendly Mechanic Guy to work on the whole list and rented ourselves a snazzy car.

Remember that alien movie from the 80’s? The one where the kids came in contact with the green aliens who learned about earth by watching tv? And they stole their dad’s spacship? I’m totally thinking of the part where the guy alien says, “It’s a brand new car!”
Ten points to whoever (whomever?) remembers the title.

Nice car. Niiiiiiice car! So nice, it has brought to the forefront of our brains that it is almost time to get a new vehicle. And downgrade from our full-size Beauville 8 passenger van with room for cargo. We have one kid with a foot out the door and rarely lug stuff anywhere anymore. We’re also thinking we hardly *all* pile in and go somewhere, especially far away, more than a few times a year. It’s kinda like . We call it our bus. :mrgreen: And the gas? You don’t wanna know how much gas goes in there.

Note to self: buy lottery ticket. 😉

*Edited to add: Kat got it right! It was Explorers. Gah, took me ages to think of the title.


  1. Explorers. One of my fave movies. 🙂

  2. I stole my dad’s spaceship once… 😛 heh, just kidding!

  3. Been have van issues here too. I’ve been dreaming about the new van idea too! So, no jinx intended, but did you hear in the news a few weeks ago about that 4 year old who took his mom’s car for a spin to the vide store at 3am?