Whoo hoo! More entries to read!

I just finished what was possibly the fastest import of old entries I had ever seen.

When I switched from MT, I swore I made an export file of the entries, but do you think I could find it? The day I switched everything, I made a backup of the database, but there would have been no way to import that easily. Over the weekend, I did find an import file to use, so there’s just a few entries missing that I can cut & paste in.

I also have all of 2001 to manually transfer from my hard drive into here. They were all hand-coded pages, oy. I really, really want all my journal-blogging-writing stuff all in spot, see. It’s just more tidy and organized that way.

And I am mondo impressed that it takes up far less space on the server than MT ever did. I am happy happy happy.

More Easter Wrap-Up

Might as well fill you in on everything in one go.

This was the year I think we will reference as, The Easter My Brother Almost Landed in Jail. The City’s Finest took one look at the situation he and a friend was in and took pity on two boys so stupid, letting them off with a so-hefty-it-hurts fine instead. (just vehicular shenannagins, no one got hurt, nothing got wrecked 🙂 )

We watched a lot of movies: Spongebob, Finding Nemo, and I also bought The Incredibles. Is anyone surprised we watched the special features on that one at least 3 times before we got to see the actual movie?

We really, really, liked the super family. We played Mousetrap, Scrabble, Uno and “find the missing marble from the Moustrap game”.

The food: at one point, my aunt asked me, “Can I afford to stay here in this B & B?” When I said last week we’d be well fed, I wasn’t kidding OR exaggerating. Easter Dinner on Sunday was an extravaganza of pork and potatoes.

The meal:
Ham. 3.5 KGs of ham. That’s over 7 pounds. Note: If the ham is in a mesh bag that is stuck to the outside, take it off before cooking. Much easier to remove. Trust me.
We had roasted potatoes, scalloped cheesy potatoes (from a mix) and potato stuffing. I’ll post the recipe for that when my mom sends it to me (hint). We had brussel sprouts, carrots and squash with a hint of brown sugar. People were groaning at the end. I had two kids in the living room eating, eight people around the table, and two old farts off to the side.

In the middle of supper, I realized, and said to my mom, that I only had place settings for 8 in any of my dish sets. “Well that’s it then,” she said, “Dinner is ruint!” Then we laughed and picked at the ham.

My brother and his friend came late, so we started without him in hopes we coudl get something to eat before heading off to bail him out. But alas, they were just up all night playing video games. Again.

We also did a little shopping, had tea at my mom’s on Saturday afternoon, and brunch/lunch on Monday. For some reason, I found myself recounting the famous Flaming Loaves of Bread story at least twice. I’ll leave that one for later. 😉

No wonder I’m tired and my brain is drained.


Hmm. So. Here I sit, two cups of tea and the last of the third batch of pull-apart bread gone down my hatch. It’s been raining for two days, but there is still snow on the ground.

Not in the front yard with the bucket-load of gravel covering up the brown grass, but most other places. The city workers are outside ont he street, filling up potholes. It only looks like they’re helping. Shoveling in loads of dirt into an asphalt holes doesn’t help when a tire hits it at 40k, spraying it everywhere and bouncing the van axle against the undercarriage.

Yesterday, Sarah bemoaned the sudden lack of laundry detergent, so I pointed out Dad had just left with the van and if it was that desperate, one of us could walk down to the mall and pick some up. So she did. And was back within an hour, refreshed.

Speaking of laundry, we used the clothesline for the first time this season, over the weekend, before the rain. Ron hungs some loads out, and that night, all I could do was sniff my jammies, they smelled so good.

I did something to my knee. No, I don’t know what specifically, except for that time we were checking out exercise equipement. I must have turned the wrong way or something, and spent Monday night not being able to move it. Fun! It acts up when I cross my legs, when I go up or down stairs or when I sit down and try to get up again. Today it feels better, though.

And it also hit me – my birthday is in less than a week. Yes, that’s NEXT MONDAY folks. It’s the big three-five. My aunt brought me up a copy of my grandmother’s journal entries for the year I was born.

It’s way cool, reading her square handwriting, telling of all the meetings she went to (W.I. luncheon at May’s), the puppies that were born, just before I was, (7 males, 2 females one they kept) and all interspersed with me.

4th Arpil Andrea Robyn T_____ born at 12.30 pm. To Nerepis W.I. tea.
6th April, Monday. To Town on 12.45pm bus & visisted Grand Daughter Andrea in St. Joseph’s Hospital, and then to Adrian’s for supper. Home on 9.15 bus.
7th April – Photos of puppies feeding – 4 weeks old. Now making yapping noises.
Wednesday 1st July. Dianne, Andrea and Wanda up for week-end! Somebody must have slept in camper. NO!
8th Ocotober – Andrea rolls over for the first time.
26th ” – Andrea says “buff”.
24th December – bad snowstorm, but Alfred picked up Adrian, Dianne and Andrea and got them home – Pamdenac.
25th December – 42 inches of digging out! Andrea’s 1st Christmas – photos. Moncton – state of emergency.
(“State of Emergency – Saint John snowed in!” is scrawled up the side.)

Lots of notes about specific pictures we have, and when they were taken. Invaluable stuff.

We still have Easter candy kicking around, hiding in the cupboard. What we do, instead of massive amounts of candy and presents to rival Christmas, is have ONE big basket of candy after Easter dinner. Everyone shares. My mom has taken care of this since we moved here, and I happily let her.

(Of course, she had a few “extra” things for Emma that were second-hand, so they don’t count. A spring dress, some sandals with fake flowers on them.)

More later, maybe pictures too. Maybe even the ones my Nanny notes above.


Still recovering from my weekend. Playing catch-up in the background. How was your weekend?


breakfast before
breakfast after
Recipe here.

Have a good weekend!

What are you reading this for? Don’t you have company? Eating to do? Play another round of Mousetrap, upping the total to 612? Take a nap because the air mattress you slept on last night was cold and the combination of fleece sheets and flannel pajamas made it so you couldn’t roll over without sitting up to detach yourself?

You must, if your weekend is like mine.

My aunt is here, the fridge is somewhat full, and Meaghan keeps baking goodies. We may even go shopping or hassle my mom. (Why should I have all the fun?)

Quote of the day:

“Mousetrap. I wanted to play Mousetrap. You roll your dice, you move your mice, and nobody gets hurt.”

10 points to whomever guesses where that was from.