Gardening is a great workout

I’m exhausted. I worked outside in the front yard, raking and cleaning up the dead plants we never got around to tidying up last October. What with all the worrying and hospital trips, the last thing on my mind was, “Hmmm, I wonder if we de-thatched the lawn?”

We didn’t. At least until today. All those little maple keys sticking straight up over the ground with stalks burrowing down into the ground below. Poor little buggers, I raked a bunch of them up. I cleaned up the dead stalks around the front garden, never got to the side yet. It’s a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze. You’d be chilly of you’re just sitting around with no coat, but if you choose to garden and rake briskly whilst wearing a black t-shirt, you will become like me at the moment.

I’ll interrupt this entry with an editorial message before Ron reads this and insists I correct any false impressions, meaning that at this moment, and every nice and not-so-nice day where possible, that it is he that does the bulk of the gardening work outside. Yes dear, you are right.

Want a jaunt round the garden? Yesterday in the cold and dreary grey mist, I took a bunch of close-ups. In a week or so, I’ll take more for comparison.

Movie night

We rewarded our recently frugality by renting two movies last night. Sarah walked down to the video store and back in 45 minutes, which included hunting high and low for a movie that wasn’t there. At any rate, here are our reviews.

Napolean Dynamite
Addison: “That was the most retarded movie I have ever seen.”
Sarah: “I know, wasn’t it GREAT!”
Addison: “YES!”

And I would love to tell you how A Series of Unfortunate Events was an enjoyable film, all full of laughter and fun and little happy elves, but it wasn’t, and it was wretched. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Those poor Beaudelaire orphans, I could hardly stand to watch, over and over again. I even viewed the horrid special features. I may have to purchase a copy from the store to spare some unsuspecting wholesome family from stumbling across it and possibly maiming themseles because those plastic edges on the DVD cases can be rather sharp.

The photo that got away*

* I totally stole that line from my friend Sage.

Yesterday, I got Ron to drop me off at the library so I could return books before he went to work and I went to the grocery store (and dropped off Addison for physio).

In the library parking lot was a lone motorcycle, and we parked a few spaces down from it. Looking at it, because bikes are worth looking at DUH, we both noticed a square plaque of some sort under the seat behind the gas tank, with words on it. As I got out, Ron said, “Go read what that guy’s bike says…”

I wandered over, two bags of books in hand, read the plaque – and shook with laughter. I took the books into the library and got back in the van, still laughing. “Well,” said Ron, “What’d his bike say?”

I giggled. “Real WOMEN drive Harleys!”

ins and outs


– tinkered around with the themes, added some new ones so I can play with them later (some are similar), renamed one or two to be descriptive, got rid of a double one and an ugly one. I have ideas. Be afraid.

– got groceries and spent a horribly low $118. Forgot rice, milk & potatoes.

– got to go by myself because Emma was asleep and coming down with my cold

– Addison’s eye will be re-tested in six months, then scheduled for easy surgery to fix it.

– MY ART JOURNAL CAME BACK TO ME IN THE MAIL!!!! WHEEEE! More info later with photos.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

On this page: Complete Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book online at Forever Geek they have online dissertation links to the COMPLETE texts of all 5 books in the trilogy. At least read (or re-read) the first one before seeing the movie.
(yes, I know a trilogy is supposed to be three. That’s why it’s funny.)

Pray for me

Any minute now, my friend will drop her two-year-old off for me to babysit for the morning.
(It’s a schooling emergency.)