Wednesday, April 27, 2005 in education, homeschooling

Fun with science

Gina is having fun learning all about baking soda volcanoes, so I’m being helpful 😆 and passing on more info. Best book? 365 Science Experiments from Everyday materials. No really, you have this stuff in your house already I bet. I’ve had years of mileage from this book, and Emma hasn’t even started it.

Baking soda + vinegar = lots of fizzies. (using both to clean your house is a whole other post) My kids really liked the time we put both in plastic film containers (OUTSIDE!) and made explosive rockets. Put vinegar in a narrow-necked bottle, spoon some baking soda into a balloon, then place the lip of the ballon over the bottle. Tip up the balloon so the soda goes into the vinegar, and watch the balloon inflate. Too cool. Arm & Hammer even have free pdfs with experiments & fun stuff.
Moving on to cornstarch, Meaghan could make goop and play with it all day. And she has. It’s a solid! It’s a liquid! It’s all over the kitchen!
And somewhere behind me is a jar of rock candy.

Want more? Okay…
Science made simple
Super Simple Science
A to Z’s Home’s Cool list of experiments.


  1. Thanks for the resources. 🙂

  2. ps. I have the new blue and white layout up and I love it. I like how you keep offering up choices-keeps things fresh. This one is very crisp and cool- perfect for heading into summer.

  3. re: layouts. The blue & white one is on the list twice, under my domain name and also WordPress default. it’s known as Kubrick.
    I’m working on a summer blue theme tho. 🙂

  4. My children made clay volcanoes at school and then put the soda and vinegar in. I can remember them both loving it when they were in year 2.

  5. You’ve even got go inedible recipes!:wink: Got any ones for something that resembles the “real” store-bought slime?

  6. 365 is on reserve per your orders! I can’t wait to get it.