I wanna write more about this later

Ron’s seminar notes -update

Hi! Ron wants to do a really good job on presenting his seminar, and we have tossed around some ideas so you, the audience, will get the most out of it. We were thinking of a transcript, but the seminar wasn’t perfect – the intro was too long and he left out some things due to time contraints. We thought of just posting his own notes that he followed to deliver the seminar, but some points really need discussion or expansion.

So, have faith, we’ll get to it. He just wanted to let you know where he was at with it.

Sunday Dinner – Chinese Vegan style

Lots of people filled the house Sunday afternoon, and I was really on fire, smoking, on top of things. We had me and my brood (6 for those keeping track), Mom, Carl, Uncle Andy and Carl’s daughter Julia. For a total of ten people squeezing around our table. We had to put both leaves in and use all the chairs in the house.

The menu? I thought you’d never ask.
steamed white rice
brown rice
strips of pork in a black bean sauce
sweet and sour meatballs
veggie chop suey (cabbage, onions, mushrooms, celery, peppers in a sauce)
a bit of plain cabbage
store-bought appetizers (mini egg rolls, pot stickers, chicken balls and spring rolls. I gotta say, homemade *is* better.)

My mom also brought by a tofu dish.

For dessert, Mom brought a soy-based tiramisu (drool) and I made a vegan apple crumble.

And now Julia is Emma’s New Best Friend.

To do today

get out and enjoy the SUN!
get me & Emma dressed
lunch. What are we having?
– pick an article topic to write this week
– do a rough copy
project for Ron
– tinker with layouts (Jem, Carrie, mine… haven’t forgotten Val.)
– answer emails
– update home ed resource page
laundry & hang some out
– bring in dry clothes, hang out next load
plan supper
– move bed

Homeschool Talk Radio

Moms, Dads, and Kids all talking about Homeschooling at Homeschool Talk Radio!

Posted so I don’t forget it. Also Be on the show. I am so there. As soon as I apply. They also accept writers and are looking for ones interested in syndication. Cool.

Convention wrap-up

I figure if I don’t write this all down now, before I start anything else, I’ll just forget.

I got up way early on Saturday morning, because I was anticipating the alarm clock going off. I finally got up, fiddled with buttons and accidentally re-set it. Ooops. Ron and I were out the door and on the road in about a half-hour. We were so bleary, I think we had been driving for an hour before he said to me, “Well, are you gonna say anything at all?”

“I’m not awake yet,” I replied. With my eyes closed.

We got there right at the used curriculumn sale was opening up. I showed Ron around and I’m sure I made his head spin. He’s a good bag holder in a crowd though. We looked things over carefully and hummed and hawed over others. Some things we looked at just to see how bad they were. We were both surprised to see how much American history books were being offered. When we had decided, we took our dinky stack and they bagged it up with our name on it.

The way they run the used sale is, you pick out your items, they bag & tag them and when the sale part is over, they go through each bag, adding up the total, and allocating the correct funds back to each seller.

What did we get? A couple of small antique textbooks (naturally, and it wans’t me who picked them out this time), a folder full of designs for the Patternables blocks that Emma has, and an ancient Egypt pop-up book. It’s gorgeous.

Next, we moved on to the vendor sale. There were a lot more there than in previous years. We spent most of our time at Gertrude’s table(s), which took up almost all one wall. We bought two books, one on business math and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Every time I saw someone trying to decide on something we had used, I made sure to tell them how much we liked it.

I confess, I only got a brief look at a lot of the rest of the tables because it was lunchtime and Ron was getting hungry. Plus he had to prepare for his seminar. I was a little nervous for him, as it was one minute before starting time and the room was empty. No worries, though, by the end there had been twelve people show up. I thought he did a really good job, he is so smart and covered a lot of ground very quickly. A few times he made the moms laugh and murmer in agreement, but I think some of the things he talked about were so radical but basic he made some heads spin. There were a trio of ladies dutifully taking notes, which I thought was amusing.

After that, we hung around till his complementary taping of seminar was ready, then we went home. While we were sitting around, we talked quietly about the number of babies we saw, mostly in strollers and carriers. I said to Ron how maybe someone could have set up a table full of slings and sold out of them. A lady in the corner snorted and whispered, “Exactly.”

I had called home a couple of times to check on the kids, and to see how my Mom was making ut with Emma. Each time I spoke to Sarah, who sounded like she was placating me. “I said we’re FINE, Mom. Sheesh.”

On the drive home, we chatted almost non-stop. From talking to others, we had many ideas about more seminars and others way we can help the homeschooling community. I took lots of notes as we drove. We also talked a lot about how to make his seminar better next time, and when he was going to blog about it.

When I got home, I hugged Emma a bunch. I asked her if she missed me, and she said no, she had missed Sarah when she went to Mam’s house. The kids did an excellent job of looking after things, and I wasn’t as tired as I thought I’d be.