I am not making this up

A local organization is raffling off tickets to a Hummer, with proceeds going to a local eco-center.

How’s that for irony?

Celebrations a day early

The princess waves to the crowd

This is Emma on a wagon ride at one end of the city. Actually, our city used to be two towns and at least two villages that all got amalgamated-like. So, there were Canada Day celebrations at one end today. Tomorrow the parade will be at the other end. Tonight? Fireworks. Not for Canada Day, no. The fireworks are to kick off the Rock n Roll Festival, which goes on all weekend.

Boy, do we party out here. I hope I see Elvis at the parade.

Low blogging day

So I have to wake up Emma, and Mom is taking us out and about for some pre-Canada Day celebrations. Lots of pictures forthcoming.

Emma and I also visited our eldery neighbours last night, when we went all the way across the street to give them a container of freshly-picked strawberries, of which we have more than our share.

I have too many “Emma was SO CUTE!” incidences to tell you about. Especially when she asked me about all the religious pictures on the wall. I told her it was because our neighbor loved God. “God?” she said, “Does He live here?” And she talked pretty much nonstop and my neighbour thinks she is the cutest, most well-loved child on the planet.

And our van had a flat tire, so Ron changed it. To hear Emma tell it, Ron is Atlas. “And our van tire was flat, right on the ground! And my daddy took it off! He had to turn bolts and EV’RYFHING! And then he took a new tire that was just like da old one ‘cept it was not flat and it was shinier and he put THAT one on da van! My Daddy is SO STRONG! He’s AMAZING!”

Anyway, gotta run.

The line to Canada forms to the left

I was gonna post something fluffy and pointless, when I came buy cialis tabs across this news item from the Spunkster, which explains that “The Federal Election Commission says Web logs just might be a threat to democracy and it’s considering whether to police them.”

So, I know they’re mostly looking at political blogs and whether or not they provide some sort of benefit to political parties, but DUDE. “Speech” and “free” usually go together.

They wanna police some blogs that ought not to be there?

Tackle the pseudo-business blogs full of nothing but ads, and the ones whose entire content consist of feeds from everywhere else.

Tagged twice

I’ve been tagged twice for a meme now, and I’d better do it before I forget. Once from Carol and once from .. oh shoot, I thought it was one person, but it wasn’t…. so I really forgot.

Simple meme, really. List five things you miss from your childhood. (Just five? Now that’ I’m thinking…) Actually, I have a lot of “stuff” and people around me from my childhood, so I guess I’m lucky.

1. Going to my grandparent’s house in Grand Bay for the whole summer. So quiet!
2. Nanny’s chocolate chip cookies. Nanny.
3. biking around the neighbourhood after school until really late, like almost sunset.
4. going to Rockwood Park and staying all day, the taste of damp popcorn and warm chips, trying to climb on TOP of the slide tunnels. Tammy will certainly remember THAT.
5. no grown-up worries

I know there’s more rules and stuff, but if you wanna do it, go right ahead. 🙂 Lunchtime calls and a gal has to get dressed at some point in the day.

Table clutter

You know how, in everyone’s house, there’s one table or area (okay, areaS) that is a challenge to keep clutter-free, because it attracts papers and books and things like a magnet? Yeah, our biggest on is the dining room table, the one we eat off of twice a day. But I finally figured out why we don’t really clear it off totally most of the time.

All those stacks in the middle of the table help prop up whatever book we’re reading over lunch.